Intel® PXA255 Processor
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Intel® PXA255 Processor For advanced devices that run the most impactful mobile applications, the Intel® PXA255 Processor is the answer. A pin-for-pin compatible, drop-in replacement for the Intel® PXA250 processor, the Intel PXA255 processor is a highly integrated, 32-bit RISC processor that combines the efficiency of Intel design with the ARM v.5TE instruction set architecture. The Intel PXA255 processor delivers industry leading processing power with built-in multimedia capabilities for high performance and hand-held functionality.
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Features and Benefits
High performance, low power Intel XScale® technology core at 200, 300 and 400 MHz

New power management for low power
Ideal for enabling enhanced battery life and performance for high performance personal digital assistants and wireless communicators
Faster internal system bus (At 400 MHz core, internal bus runs at 200 MHz vs. 100 MHz on the Intel® PXA250 processor Improved application performance
Intel® Media Processing Technology Optimized audio and video multimedia functionality
Enhanced Memory Controller Supports low power 2.5V and 3.3V 32-bit and 16-bit memories including enhanced support for low power SDRAM as well as glue-less burst and page mode interfaces with Synchronous Intel StrataFlash® Memory
MMC/SD and PCMCIA/CF Card support Expandable storage and I/O device support
USB Client Fast host synchronization
1.84 MHz cellular baseband interface Efficient communications integration
920 Kbps Bluetooth** interface Broad inter-device communication
Variable latency I/O Add-on functionality capabilities
** Bluetooth is a trademark owned by its proprietor and used by Intel Corporation under license.
Intel® Mobile Media Technology based portable media players deliver impressive multimedia performance and innovative power savings technologies, while still maintaining superior performance.
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Intel® PXA255 Processor Block Diagram
Intel® PXA255 Processor Block Diagram
Intel® Mobile Media Technology
Intel® Mobile Media Technology Mobile phones, PDAs, personal media players and other handheld devices based on Intel® Mobile Media Technology provide the ability to access information and run even the most media-rich applications anywhere, any time, on any device. With 35 years of technology leadership, coupled with an end-to-end commitment to the wireless industry, Intel is delivering the next generation of mobile technology to support the new data services that users want.
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