IMTC 2006: Abstract Status (sorted by PaperID)



6000 A Semi-Cylindrical Capacitive Sensor with Interface Circuit using for Fluidic Measuring
6001 Conversion of the Relative Humidity in SF6 Gas-Insulated Equipment Based on the Polanyi Adsorption Potential Theory
6002 A Semi-Cylindrical Capacitive Sensor with Interface Circuits using for Fluidic Measuring
6003 On the Feasibility of Steering Swallowable Microsystem Capsules Using Aided Magnetic Levitation
6004 Non-invasive Testing of Quality of Pork Meat: Novel Planar Electromagnetic Sensors Based Approach
6005 Virtual Environment for Instrumentation and Measurement in Electromagnetics - Mathcad Aided Approach
6006 Instrumentation and Measurement of Quality of Currency Coins: A Planar Electromagnetic Sensors Based Approach
6007 Wavelet and Neural Networks Used in the Monitoring of Small Current Grounding Fault
6008 Persistent Misconceptions in Autocorrelation Estimation
6009 A method for the calibration of instruments for transient detection in electric power system voltages
6010 Mixed Test Pattern Generation Using a Single Parallel LFSR
6011 Limitations in the use of r.m.s. value in power quality analysis
6012 An original fuzzy ordering for the comparison of measurement results
6013 Cepstrum Thresholding Scheme for Nonparametric Estimation of Smooth Spectra
6014 Time-to-Digital Converter based on an On-chip Voltage Reference Locked Ring Oscillator
6015 Autoregressive Order Selection for Irregularly Sampled Data
6016 Room Acoustics Measurement System Design using Simulation
6017 Spatial calibration procedure for infrared line scanners
6018 Dual-Polarized Microwave Near-Field Reflectometer for Non-Invasive Inspection of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Strengthened Structures
6019 Instrumented Compliance for Tendon Driven Rotary Joint
6020 Automated Test Methodology For Mixed-Signal Circuits
6021 Instrumentation and Analysis Methods for the Measurement of Profiles using Light Sectioning
6022 The Single Strip Tester of Magnetic Materials with Array of AMR Sensors
6023 Application of Multi Level Data Fusion for Acoustic Target Recognition
6024 Application of the Integrated Micro Acceleration Measurement System in Target Recognition
6025 Optical fiber probe for humidity monitoring based on a new reflection sensing technique for detecting thermal lens
6026 The Performance Evaluation of IEC Flicker Meters in Realistic Conditions
6027 Electronic Gating for Particle/Cell Counting and Sizing, DSP-operated
6028 Continuous-Time Noise Modelling from Sampled Data
6029 Estimation of nonparametric noise models
6030 HumanPT: Architecture for Low Cost Robotic Applications
6031 Screening of Air Cargo using Neutron and Gamma-Ray Imaging
6032 Reconstructing a Band-limited function Using Empirical Orthogonal Functions
6033 A Linear Variable Differential Capacitive Transducer for Sensing Planar Angles
6034 On the Accuracy of Generalized Hammerstein Models for Nonlinear Active Noise Control
6035 A Web-based Environment Experiment System Using Microsoft .NET and COM
6036 Mass Resolution Measurement in QCM Applications using a Reconfigurable Device
6037 Influence of temperature in radio frequency measurments of moisture content in bio fuel
6038 ARMAsel for Identification of Univariate Random Measurement Data (SPECIAL SESSION!)
6039 A Direct-Conversion Based High Resolution Spectrum Analyzer for Medium Frequency
6040 Dielectric Spectroscopy of Honeydew Melons for Quality Sensing
6041 Optimal Weighted Spatial-Filter for Segmentation of Texture
6042 Detection and analysis of time-varying harmonics in power systems using wavelet analysis
6043 Two-Stage Differential Charge and Transresistance Amplifiers
6044 A Novel Multifunctional Distributed Optical Fiber Sensor Based on Attenuation
6045 A New Method for Implementation of Radio Frequency Power m...
6046 A Software Based Method for Test Vector Compression in System-On-a-Chip
6047 The study of a 2D model and image reconstruction algorithms based on ECT system
6048 Application of un ersample Hilbert Transform to complex modulate signals
6049 Signal Model Based Estimation of Flow Parameters for the Need of the Electromagnetic Measurement in Open Channels
6050 The Measurement Setup for Gas Detection by Resistance Fluctuations of Gas Sensors
6051 Novel Method of Local Corrosion Events Characterization by Electrochemical Noise Analysis
6052 Surface Morphology and Investigation of A New CMOS Compatible Thermopile
6053 Segmentation for MRA Image: An Improved Level Set Approach
6054 Accurate Interleaved Sampling of Repetitive Ultrasonic Waveforms: Two Clock Timing Architecture and its FPGA Implementation
6055 An Hybrid Micro-Force Sensing Device for Mechanical Cell Characterization
6056 Remote PLC System Using GSM Network with Application to Home Security System
6057 Improved Time-Frequency Distribution Series for Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Evaluation
6058 On-Line Microwave Moisture measurement of Iron Ore and Mineral Concentrates in Conveyor Applications
6059 Debye modelisation for the soil moisture measurement in TDR
6060 Flowrate Measurement with Cross-correlation Technique by ERT system in Vertical Gas-liquid Two-phase Flows
6061 Noise Consideration for Micromachined Digital Accelerometers
6062 Consideration for a New Micromachined Accelerometer Capacitive Interface Based on Switched Flip-Flop Circuit
6063 Design and Implementation of an Embedded Remote Electronic Measurement System
6064 Reliability tests and experimental analysis on radioreceiver chains
6065 The Back-Projection Algorithm based on Electric Lines of Force for Single Drive Electrode ERT
6066 Enhancing Training on Three-Phase System Measurements
6067 A compensation strategy to reduce spring gravimeter output for the effect of temperature: experimental validation
6068 A low cost system to characterize the dielectric and pyroelectric properties of the ferroelectric material
6069 Fiber Bragg grating based current and voltage measurements with temperature compensation
6070 Advanced signal processing for reduction of false alarm rate of Metal detectors for humanitarian mine clearance
6071 Joint Time-Frequency Analysis - An Effective Tool for Analysis of Non-Stationary Phenomena in Electrical Engineering
6072 A Bandwidth Extension Technique for Dynamic Characterization of Power Amplifiers
6073 Comparison of Filter Design Methods to generate Analytic Signals
6074 Two-phase flow regime recognition in horizontal pipe based on the positional information of measured data of ERT system
6075 A DVB-S2 Signal Generator with Forward Satellite Channel Impairments
6076 Identification of Two-Phase Flow Regime with Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Machines
6077 Signal Decomposition and Baseline Optimization in Spectrum Reconstruction
6078 An Algorithm for Evaluating the Availability of "Tree Structured" System
6079 Advances of Barkhausen Emission Measurement
6080 Measurement system for telephone conversation duration
6081 A Radio Frequency Antenna Technique for Detecting Oscillations in D.C. Electric Motor Drives.
6082 The application of a stochastic transducer for air flow measurement
6083 Telemetry Communication Protocol for Use on Digital Cellular Telephone Networks
6084 Soft-Error Resilient Measurements Systems by means of Reconfigurable Devices: A New Design Methodology
6085 The Quasi-Balanced Circuit for Capacity and Resistance Measurement
6086 A Microcontroller System for the Human Mechanical Power Measurement During Squat Jumps
6087 Apparatus Based Experimental Study of Physics Phenomena
6088 A new instrument for the measurement of very close tones at high frequency
6089 A Four Port Structure for Comparative Measurement of Complex Permittivity and Moisture
6090 Cyclic Spectral Analysis-Based Approach for Power Measurement in Digital Communication Systems Affected by In-Channel Interference
6091 An investigation over superconductive inductive e capacitive components for high precision measurem
6092 Fiber-optic Based Sensor for Dynamic Angular Measurements
6093 A Time Domain Envelope Vectorial Network Analyzer for Non-linear Measurement Based Modeling Accounting Impedance Mismatches
6094 Real-time phase noise meter based on ADSP Sharc processor
6095 System identification approach applied to jitter estimation.
6096 QCM Simulation Tool for Gravimetric Sensors in Liquid Media
6097 Development the multi-point thermal gas mass flowmeter
6098 A New Method for the Flowrate Measurement of Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow
6099 Human Motion Capture System Using Color Markers and Silhouette
6100 High-speed complex admittance/permittivity needle probe for investigation of multiphase flows
6101 Main Tasks of Environmental Monitoring of Greenhouses Gases Emission
6102 TSM Acoustic Wave Sensors for Liquid Media based on Miller Oscillators
6103 A New Blood Velocity Estimator for Suppressing Frequency Aliasing in Color Flow Imaging
6104 How to measure and estimate the power quality parameters in ship systems?
6105 High accuracy measurement system of absorbed dose using combination of radiochromic film and micro-densitometer for radiation therapy
6106 Embedded Narrow Pulse Measurement in Digital CMOS
6107 On-line Sensor Modeling Using a Neural Kalman Filter
6108 Kriging Interpolation Based Ultrasound Scan Conversion Algorithm
6109 A Fully Integrated Mixed-Signal High-Voltage Automotive Test Instrument
6110 Study of the Normal Generalized Stochastic Petri nets and its Application in Testing System
6111 Implementation of Digital Detection Scheme for Closed-Loop FOG Based on DSP and FPGA
6112 Filtering of Gyro Signal Based on Adaptive Lifting Wavelet Transform
6113 Disturbances Detection and Classification Based on Mathematical Morphology
6114 Design and Implementation Design and Implementation of Monitoring Software Modules for Optical Protection Systems
6115 Design and Implementation of Monitoring Software Modules for Optical Protection Systems
6116 Image analysis for wave-front measurements at the VST telescope
6117 Ultrasound Image Denoising by a Combined Curvelet and Wavelet Thresholding Algorithm
6118 A Resonant Measurement System for Characterization of Hysteresis Cycle in Soft Ferrites
6119 Effect of Shift of Signal Intensity by Suppression for Renal MR Angiography
6120 Compensation of Temperature-Drift Errors in Fundamental-Mode Orthogonal Fluxgates
6121 Relationship Between the Measurement and Motion Bandwidths in Magnetic Tracking
6122 A Simple Calibration Method for Return Voltage Meters
6123 Measurement of Breast Density on Digital Mammograms
6124 Relations between accuracy of vessel measurement and physical image quality characteristics in Multi-detector CT scanner
6125 Series Sensor Current Loop from a Generalized Impedance Converter Circuit with Reference Current Input.
6126 An Approach to Sparse Model Selection and Averaging
6127 EMI Measurements from ESD between Charged Insulators and between Insulators and Conductors
6128 Considerations about indirect measurement in identification of dynamic systems
6129 Indirect measurement of the temperature in a resistive furnace
6130 High-Pass Delta Sigma Modulator for ADC Immune to Low Frequency Noise
6131 A Low-Cost Tide Measurement System for Water Quality Assessment
6132 Parallel-Plate Sensors for Estimating Moisture Content in In-Shell Peanuts Nondestructively bt RF Impedance Method
6133 Target Tracking In a Sensor Network Based on Particle Filtering and Energy-Aware Design
6134 Magnetoresistive based AC Current Probe.
6135 Precision Meterials Tester Using a Pendulum and a Digitizer
6136 A Frequency-Domain Approach to Registration Estimation in 3-D Space
6137 Study on Intelligent Analysis System for Engine Fault Diagnosis
6138 New Instrument for Measuring Field Area Based on GPS Module
6139 DSP-Based Current Measurement for Resistance Spot Welding
6140 IEC Standard Based Flicker Measurement Using Light Output
6141 Fault Diagnosis Based on Petri Modelling in Manufacture Process
6142 Improvement of the Current Loop Circuit for AC and DC Applications Based on Digital Signal Processing
6143 ATTEM: An Instrument System Using Transient Electromagnetic Pulse for Subsurface Imaging
6144 Exploration method of complex impedance based on the non-contact electrode
6145 An adaptive pixel-weighted image fusion algorithm based on local priority for CT and MRI images
6146 On-line Voidage Measurement of Two-phase Flow Based on Ant System
6147 A New Device for Detecting Emulsion Layer in Oil Tanks.
6148 Recent Improvements in Real-Time Load-Pull Systems
6149 SubPixel Detection of Polarimetric Signatures of Man-Made Targets
6150 Models for the characterisation of instrument transformers
6151 Models for measurements of AC electrical quantities based on digital sampling
6152 Error concealment for 3G-324M mobile videophones
6153 Study of Positioning Techniques for Skull Radiography
6154 A Proposal and Empirical Validation of Metrics to Evaluate the Maintainability of Software Process Models
6155 Development of Method for Detection of Defects in the Solder Paste Print Process
6156 Thickness Measurement of Plastic Sheets during the Manufacturing Process: Comparison of Errors with New Laser and Soft X-ray Thickness Measuring Systems
6157 Measuring Volterra kernels of analog to digital converters
6158 An Assessment on the Accuracy of Time-Domain Reflectometry for Measuring Level and Permittivity of Liquids
6159 Estimation of the Instantaneous Periodic Parameters in the Frequency Domain
6160 A Microwave Axial Tomograph: Experimental Set Up and Reconstruction Procedure
6161 On a New Graph Theory Approach to Designing Zero-Aliasing Space Compressors for Built-In Self-Testing
6162 Measurement of power quality indices using advanced spectrum estimation methods
6163 Virtual Instruments for the what-if analysis of a process for pollution minimization in an industrial application
6164 Multichannel Blind Deconvolution of Transient Impulsive Signals
6165 Liquid Dielectric Property Determination Using Monopole Probes Operating At Microwave Frequencies
6166 A fault diagnosis method of analog electronic circuits for the mixed-signal systems controlled by microcontrollers
6167 3-D Shape Measurement Method by a 6-axis Robot and a New Sensor Having Ability of Detecting Both the 2-D Incident Angle and Position of a Light
6168 Assessment on optical laser triangulation sensors for low-cost, high-speed
6169 Experimental Evaluation of the Incidence of Operating Conditions on Uncertainty of Conducted Emissions Generated by Power Drive Systems
6170 Unknown Signal Detection Using a Digital Total-Power Radiometer with Finite Internal Precision
6171 Fiber Bragg Grating Magnetic Field Sensor
6172 An Improved Fault Simulation Approach Based on Verilog with Application to ISCAS Benchmark Circuits
6173 Goniophotometry of materials: the IEN equipment
6174 An Improved Marching Cubes Method for Surface Reconstruction of Volume Data
6175 An Integrated Micro Fluxgate Magnetic Sensor with Sputtered Ferromagnetic Core
6176 A Medical Image Compression Scheme Based on Low Order Linear Predictor and Most-likely Magnitude Huffman Code
6177 A New Method for Phase Difference Measurement Based on Discrete Spectrum Correction
6178 On Board Detection, Classification and Evaluation of Nonlinearities
6179 The development of online broaching process monitoring system
6180 Measurement by the Software Design for the Power Consumption of Streaming Media Servers
6181 A Method for Signal Processing of Coriolis Mass Flowmeter Based on Combining AR Model Spectrum Estimation with DFT
6182 Fast ADC Testing by Repetitive Histogram Analysis
6183 New measurement probe for high impedance spectroscopy
6184 Measurement System of Transfer Motion for Patient with Spinal Cord Injuries
6185 Virtual Instrument for Testing of Current and Voltage Transformers
6186 Macromodeling of IC output buffers from in-place measurements
6187 Infrared Imaging to Measure Temperature Changes of the Extremities caused by Cigarette Smoke and Nicotine Gums
6188 Dynamic Compensation of Phase Distortion in Time-Varying Butterworth Filters
6189 Nondestructive Acoustical Method for the Needs of the Assessment of Decay in Trees
6190 Measurement of the properties of a plasma column used as a radiating element
6191 DFT Frequency Estimation Threshold Level with Windowed Data
6192 Research and Implementation of Data Acquisition System for FOG
6193 Robot Position Identification by Colored Rectangle Signboards
6194 Design of A Low-Cost Potentiostat for Amperometric Biosensors
6195 New Techniques for Fault Detection Analysis by Injecting Additional Frequency Test
6196 Real-Time Tree Foliage Estimation Using a Ground Laser Scanner
6197 Educational Virtual Instrumentation Application for System Identification
6198 Robot Position Identification by Actively Localizing Sound Beacons
6199 Implementation of the Digital Logic for Reading-Out a 16x16 Pixel X-Ray Detector Array
6200 The Design of a Web-Sensor Network with a Qualified Management of the Remote Sensing and Data-Processing Procedures
6201 Short-range image-based method for the inspection of strong scatterers using microwaves
6202 Non-parametric Noise Models extracted from Overlapping Sub-records
6203 Measurement Apparatus Electromagnetic Susceptibility To Zigbee Transmitters
6204 A Current Source for Picoamperemeter Calibration
6205 Research on Data Acquisition Method and System for Numerical Control Equipments
6206 IEN National Standard of Inductance: 1970-2005
6207 Understanding the nonlinearity of a mixer using multisine excitations.
6208 An Improved Method for the Evaluation of Uncertainty of Channel Power Measurement with a Spectrum Analyzer
6209 Novel Peak Detection Algorithms for Pileup Minimization in Gamma Ray Spectroscopy
6210 Model selection for power efficient analysis of measurement data
6211 A 3-dimensional sensor fusion-model for moving targets based on time-difference-of-arrival and acceleration information
6212 Innovative Applications of Artificially Intelligent Sensors
6213 Fast Measurement and Analysis System of Soil Electric Conductivity Based on Virtual Instrumentation
6214 Dynamic Testing of A/D Converters using the Multiple Coherence Function
6215 A Versatile and Compact USB System for Electrical and Thermal Characterization of Non-Volatile Memories
6216 Corrosion Pit Size Estimation using Near-Field Millimeter Wave Nondestructive Testing Techniques
6217 Cross-Layer Measurement for the Analysis of a DVB-T System Performances at the End User Level
6218 Study Of Area Measurement Method Base On Gps And Its Application
6219 A Distance Compensated Telemetric Humidity Sensor Based on the Parasitic Capacitance Variation
6220 System for Testing Middle-Resolution Digitizers Using Test Signal up to 20 MHz
6221 Realisation of an Automatic Measurement System for the Trial of a Switching Power Supply
6222 GPS Position Information Acquisition and Analysis Based on Virtual Instrument
6223 EMC testing of Fieldbus interconnected Intelligent Positioners
6224 Digital Imaging Based Measurement of Diesel Spray Characteristics
6225 Extending a short-range wireless instrumentation bus to a geographic network
6226 Nondestructive Moisture Sensing in Peanut Kernels from Microwave Permittivity Measurements on Unshelled Pods
6227 A Novel Optical Method of Dimension Measurement of Objects with Circular Cross-section
6228 Fine Tuning Design of Control Board Parameters for Sensing Applications
6229 On the analysis of communication and computer networks On the analysis of communication and computer networks by traffic flow measurements
6230 Oil-Water Interface Level Sensor Based on an Electrode Array
6231 Adaptive Fuzzy Inference System Using the SenseWearTM Armband for Analysis of Patient's Activities
6232 A Neural Gas Network that Captures Real-World Elastic Behavior of 3D Objects
6233 Detection of Anomalous Behaviors in Networks from Traffic Measurements
6234 High Accuracy Disbond Thickness Estimation Scheme Employing Multiple-Frequency Near-Field Microwave Measurements
6235 Automatic fault location system for a gas turbine using a simulation before test approach
6236 Optimum Settings for Measuring Frequency Response Functions with Weighted Overlapped Segment Averaging
6237 The Metrological Characterisation of a Gonioreflectometer for the Analysis of Surface Properties
6238 Noise Analysis in High-Pass Delta Sigma Modulator
6239 A proposal of Virtual Laboratory structure
6240 The Calibration of Loop Impedance Meters: a Proposal.
6241 Reliable and Repeatable Power Measurements in DVB-T Systems
6242 A Demodulation Technique for the Sensing Circuit of a MEMS Gyroscope
6243 A Fully Integrated Mixed-Signal High-Voltage Automotive Test Instrument (STUDENT PAPER)
6244 Uniform-Distributed Noise Generator Based on a Chaotic Circuit
6245 Preamble Sampling MAC Protocol for Low Power Wireless Sensor Networks with IEEE 802.15.4 Transceivers
6246 Soil Moisture Assessment by Means of Compressional and Shear Wave Velocities: a theoretical analysis
6247 Numerical Modelling and Experimental Study of an AC Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) micropump
6248 Study of a Very Selective Medium
6249 Embedded Narrow Pulse Measurement in Digital CMOS.
6250 A low distortion generator for the dynamic characterization of high resolution ADCs
6251 Study of Fault Diagnosis of Rotating System based on Multi-sensor Data Fusion and Its Application
6252 A New Versatile and Low-cost Multi -position Sensor for Distance and Displacement Measurement by Using Optical Fibers
6253 Passivity Enforcement of a Transfer Function
6254 Active Exploration in Building Robot Sensorimotor Mapping
6255 Reference Portable Equipment for metrological confirmation of on-field power and energy meters
6256 Mechanical Filters for Accelerometers: Design and Metrological Characterization.
6257 Use of Interface Agents for Automatic Pass-by-Noise Measurements
6258 Capacitive Humidity Sensor - Influence of Dynamic Characteristics on Accuracy
6259 High-level accurate model of high-resolution pipelined ADC's
6260 Real-Time Digital Multifunction Instrument for Power Quality Integrated Index Measurement
6261 A Travelling gps-based time reference for distributed measurements in power systems
6262 Novel Interferometric Method for the Measurement of Laser Wavelength/Frequency-Modulation Sensitivity
6263 Remote Control for Microscopy Applications
6264 A Reliable And Robust Methodology For Testing Measurement Software
6265 Diagnostic Algorithm and Architecture for High Pressure Waterjet Pump
6266 Improved Frequency Investigation of IPMC Based Sensors
6267 A perspective on non invasive software management
6268 Optimal Placement of Measurement Devices in Electric Distribution Systems
6269 Mammographic Images Enhancement and Denoising for Microcalcification Detection Using Dyadic Wavelet Processing
6270 Measurement of Particle Shape through Digital Imaging
6271 Voltage Stabilizer Based on SPWM Using Microcontroller and a Novel Concurrent Technique
6272 A Distributed Measurement System for Locating Voltage Transient Sources
6273 A Flexible GPS-based System for Synchronized Phasor Measurement in Electric Distribution Networks
6274 Sigma-Delta Modulator with Thermoresistive Sensor Frequency Response
6275 Combining Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Electroencephalography to Monitor Brain Function
6276 Investigation on The Response of the Human Eye to the Light Flicker Produced by Different Lamps
6277 Resolving Complex Chemical Processes: Comparison of Monitoring by Ultrasound with Other Measurement Methods
6278 Digital Converter for Differential Capacitive Sensors
6279 An SVM Approach to Crack Shape Reconstruction in Eddy Current Testing
6280 Non Invasive Monitoring of a Distributed Maintenance Process
6281 Investigate the optimal geometry to minimize demagnetizing effect in RTD-Fluxgate
6282 A New Methodological Approach to Quality Assurance of Energy Meters under Non-Sinusoidal Conditions
6283 Testing Capability Improvement of NMR Interface
6284 Estimation of Characteristic Parameters for Objective Diagnostic in Parkinson Disease and Comparison with Standard Clinical Tests
6285 A Novel Electric Power Quality Monitoring System Based on DeviceNet Fieldbus
6286 Design and Implementation of a GRID-service for Power Measurement in Digital Wireless Communication Systems
6287 Continuous Gain Calibration of Parallel Delta Sigma A/D Converters
6288 A supervised algorithm for water classification by voltammetric measurements
6289 Synchronic filter based on switched capacitor filters for high stability phase-detectors systems.
6290 Efficient Characterization of Magnetic Field Sources
6291 Nonuniform Low Frequency Magnetic Field Measurements
6292 Functional evaluation of vertical jump by a low-cost accelerometer measurement system
6293 A Procedure to Test Tolerance and Faulty States for Measurement Instrumentation
6294 Measuring the Magnetic Field Attenuation of Nonlinear Shields
6295 Measurement of safe heating levels: the case of ultrasonic interstitial instrumentation
6296 Detection and Estimation of Nonlinear Distortions in Industrial Robots
6297 Analysis of the Residual Spectrum in ADC Dynamic Testing
6298 Characterization of a High Resolution Acquisition System for Marine Geophysical Applications
6299 Can models replace measurements for EMC in railways?
6300 Evaluation and testing of off-the-shelf sensors for compliant magnetic field measurement
6301 Dielectric Permittivity Measurements of Common Materials in Millimeter Waves
6302 A suitable EMI filter selection method based on critical line length
6303 Fault Detection and Diagnosis for Multi-Level Cell Flash Memories
6304 Measuring Time Base Distortion in Analog-Memory Sampling Digitizers
6305 Harmonic Power Measurement via Wavelet Packet Transform
6306 Enhancement of Ultrasonic Waveforms Affected by Coloured Noise in Automated Instruments
6307 Virtual Instrument for the Measurement of Haemo-dynamic Parameters Using Photo plethysmo graph
6308 Packet loss probability measurement with a Kalman filter approach
6309 Displacement Estimators for Real-time Ultrasonic Strain and Blood Flow Imaging with Improved Spatial Resolution
6310 Algorithm to remove spectral leakage, close-in noise and its' application to converter test
6311 A Technique for Die Surface Temperature Measurement of High-Voltage Power Electronic Components using Coated Thermocouple Probes
6312 Adapting the Unified Grain Moisture Algorithm to Commercial Instruments
6313 3D-scanning for weld distortion measurements
6314 Fast change of windows properties
6315 Remote Laboratory Activities to Support Experimental Session for Undergraduate Course of Measurements for Diagnostics and Quality
6316 A Remote Measurements Model for an Mlearning Laboratory
6317 Medical image reconstruction using low order polynomial window
6318 Multi- Agent Systems: an example of dynamic reconfiguration
6319 Algorithm Execution over Programable Hardware
6320 Modeling of Industrial Measurement System Considering Human Factor
6321 Adjustable Speed Drive Bearing Fault Detection via Wavelet Packet Decomposition
6322 Resonant detection tags: from electronic structural surveillance tags to electronic taste chips
6323 In-vivo Blood Characterization System
6324 Multi-Agent System Information Fusion for Environment Monitoring
6325 Measurement of dielectric and magnetic characteristics of nickel ferrite and strontium ferrite composite from 4.5 to 26.5 GHz frequency range
6326 Instrumentation and Measurement of a Power Distribution System Laboratory for Network Reconfiguration Studies
6327 Propagation Delay Method Using The Cutback Technique
6328 Design of Low Cost Virtual Sensors
6329 Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique in High--Frequency Ultrasound Imaging to Locate Layer Delamination
6330 Remote_Robot_Task_Monitoring_Using_IDAC
6331 Reliability Prediction in Electronic Industrial Applications
6332 Estimation of Soil Properties Using a Combination of Spectral and Scalar Sensor Data
6333 An Emulation Technique for Diagnosis and Failure Analysis of ATE
6334 Time Domain Parameter Identification of Anticorrosion Coating via Shape-Designed Measurement Signals
6335 Imaging internal structure with electromagnetic induction tomography
6336 Novel ferrofluidic Inertial Sensors
6337 Motor Fault Detection via Wavelet Packet Decomposition with Spectral Post Processing
6338 Complex Dielectric Permittivity Measurements Using Free-Space High Power Sources W-Band Spectrometer at Millimeter Wavelengths
6339 Computational methods for magnetic induction tomography
6340 Instrumentation of Real-Time Embedded Systems for Performance Analysis
6341 Robust Segmentation and Measurements Techniques of White Cells in Blood Microscope Images
6342 Microwave Measurements of Complex Permittivity
6343 An FPGA Implementation of Path Parameter Measurement for Web Services
6344 An Automatic Alignment Procedure for a 4-Source Photometric Stereo Technique applied to Scanning Electron Microscopy
6345 Incipient Fault Diagnosis in Electrical Drives by Tuned Neural Networks
6346 The Histogram Test of ADCs is Unbiased by Phase Noise
6347 Uncertainty of the Estimates of Sine Wave Fitting of Digital Data in the Presence of Additive Noise
6348 Stabilising of a Synthetic Loading Test Rig for Large Induction Machines
6349 Measurements of Complex permittivity and permeability with Changing an Incident Angle of Plane Wave generated by a Dielectric Lens
6350 Detecting fouling in oil pipelines using parameter estimation and ultrasonic guided waves
6351 Design of a Test Bed for Performance Evaluation in a Wireless Sensor Network
6352 A Just-in-Time Compiler for a Run-time Reconfigurable Testing Platform
6353 Sensor Calibration Using a Neural Network in a Smart Wireless Network
6354 Three Dimensional Ultrasonic Ranging Using a Split Diaphragm Capacitive Sensor
6355 AWG waveform compensation by Maximum Entropy Method
6356 Ultrasound Pulse Coding for Robust Obstacle Detection Using a Long Cane
6357 FPGA-Based Testbed for Packet Switch Performance Measurement
6358 A Per-Flow Measurement and Estimation Method for DiffServ Implementations
6359 Application of Segmented 2D Probabilistic Occupancy Maps for Mobile Robot Sensing and Navigation
6360 Detection of Polarimetric Signatures utilizing All-Active Multifusion, Multispectral, Sensing Techniques
6361 Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Dielectric Measurements of Household Powders Using Fourier Transform Spectroscopy
6362 Using A Gimbal To Calibrate Inertial Sensors
6363 IPv6 Testbeds for Ad-Hoc Networks Protocols
6364 Design and Verification of Super-Resolution for Extension of Dynamic Range for Digital Receiver
6365 Employing model based signal processing to extract displacement
6366 Extraction of dielectric material parameters for dispersive substrates using a genetic algorithm
6367 Low-Cost Low-Power Self-Test Design and Verification for On-Chip ADC in System-on-a-Chip Applications
6368 A Noise Reduction Technique using Non-uniform Filter Banks and Its Implementation on FPGA
6369 Numerical Analysis of a Double-D Pickup Coil for Eddy Current NDT
6370 Multiple Fault Models for Timed FSMs
6371 Modified Neuro-Fuzzy System Based Computation of Fluid Evaporation Rates in Dynamic Environments
6372 An Algorithm for Estimation of Amplitude and Phase of a Vibration Signal Used for Determination of Rotating Mass Unbalance
6373 Extension of Dynamic Range in Digital Wideband Receiver by Use of Discrete Wavelet Transform De-noise Function
6374 A Process for Upgrading Direct-IRQ Access Software to a Modern Platform
6375 High Frequency Model for VSI Inverter supplying Induction Motors
6376 An on-board Monitoring System for Electrical Railway Traction Systems
6377 Automatic Power Consumption Measurement of Bluetooth Modules
6378 Intelligent sensor network applied to ISFETs sensors: measurement and characterisation.
6379 LabWeb1451: Remotely Accessible Virtual Laboratory for Transducer Electronic Data Sheets Creation and Testing
6380 The Loading Effect of Radio-Frequency Current Probes
6381 Metrology and Software Measurement: a Comparison of some Basic Characteristics
6382 Measuring Procedures for the Optimization of Valve-Metal Based Capacitor
6383 Filtering of Randomly-Sampled, Time-Stamped Measurements
6384 Three-axes teslameter with integrated Hall probe free from the planar Hall effect
6385 Investigation of Pre-travel Variations of Touch Trigger Probes Using FEA
6386 TDR permittivity measurements of high dielectric constant films
6387 Petri Nets in Measuring Systems Design
6388 Circuit Under Test in A Reconfigurable Processor Unit
6389 Measurement Technique for the DC-Output Characterisation of High Density Power MOSFETs
6390 Testing and Signal Processing In Distributed Measurement
6391 Measurement of Housing Thermal Resistances in Industrial Motors
6392 Design electromagnetic Induction Equipment with Muti-sensor array and Its Application
6393 QuantEYE: The Quantum Optics Instrument for OWL
6394 Automatic Selection of Optimal Sample Rate for Band-Pass Signals
6395 Losses of the Parallel-Plate Dielectric Resonator
6396 Quality Factor Determination
6397 A Cryptographic System for Brand Authentication and Material Traceability in the Textile Industry
6398 Stable Approximation in Frequency Domain With Additional Delay
6399 Amendment of Cavity Perturbation Technique for Loss Tangent Measurement at Microwave Frequencies
6400 Wavelet and PSD as a Fault Detection Techniques
6401 Smart Sensor Network Architecture With Web Service Capability For Wide Area Distributed Monitoring
6402 Symbolic Computation for Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainty
6403 Instrumentation of Real-Rime Embedded Systems for Performance Analysis
6404 Measurement Of Respiratory Flow With Ultrasonic Sensor Using The Technique Of Forced Oscillations
6405 Quantitative Evaluation of the Customer's Responsibility for Power Quality Disturbances
6406 Photodetectors with Microwave Reactive Modulation
6407 Neuro-Fuzzy Logic Application for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
6408 A Pipeline Component Based Assembling Framework for Measurement Applications
6409 Robustness of the Related Linear Dynamic System Estimates in Cascaded Nonlinear MIMO Systems
6410 Measuring Object Coupling in OCL Expressions: A Cognitive Theory-Based Approach
6411 Acoustic-Based Liquid Level Determination in Process Vessels Using PVDF sensors
6412 Evaluation of Touch Trigger Probe Measurement Uncertainty Using FEA
6413 A Novel Technique for Frequency Deviation Measurement
6414 Accuracy Performance of ADCs Based on Calliper Rule
6415 A Low-Cost Microcontroller-Based Tuner for Classic Guitars
6416 Clock Grid Simulation Using Transient S-parameter Modeling
6417 Terfenol-D
6418 Interactive BIST for embedded cores in SOC: partial matching and control sequence
6419 Magnetic Measurement System for the Dipoles of the Italian Hadron Therapy Centre (CNAO)
6420 Innovative facilities for subsurface imaging
6421 Tools for Multipoles Magnetic Metrology at SOLEIL
6422 Asset Monitoring and Control Information Appliance (AMCIA)
6423 Study on the attitude testing method of small-scale shot based on Single-gyro and Multi-accelerometers
6424 Convergence of Least-Squares Multi Harmonic Fitting Algorithm
6425 Fourier Analysis of Time-Stamped Signals Using a Small Number of Samples
6426 Scalability Measurement of a Proxy based Personalized Multimedia repurposing systems
6427 Internet-enabled calibration services: aspects of laboratory information system security
6428 Electrical Measurements Student Laboratory - Replacing Hands-On With Remote Experiments
6429 Uncertainty propagation in diagnostic systems based on soft computing thechniques
6430 Frequency Accuracy Improvement in the Direct Digital Synthesis for the Wave Form
6431 Modeling and simulation of a laboratory three-tank system with distributed measurement and control system
6432 S-D Modulator with Thermoresistive Sensor Frequency Response
6433 Design, Simulation and Dynamic Test of a Pipeline ADC
6434 Weld quality inspection based on on-line measured indentation from servo encoder in resistance spot welding
6435 Image Enhancement Based on Noise Estimation
6436 Statistical Characterization of Partially-Depleted SOI Gates
6437 An Experimental Technique for Estimating the ESR Intrinsic Value of Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors
6438 KPCA and Its Application In Indirect Measurement
6439 A Sensor Signal Digitalization Module for High Temperature Environment Applications
6440 Characterization of Delta-Sigma converters by means of the sine--fit algorithm
6441 Optimization of Evolutive Pressure in Cultural Algorithms for Industrial Fault Diagnosis by Statistical Parameter Design
6442 A Simple Identification Method for Object Shapes and Materials Using an Ultrasonic Sensor Array
6443 A Vibrating Wire System For Quadrupole Fiducialization
6444 The Uncertainty Evaluation of a THD Meter based on FPGA platform
6445 Signal Processing With Compensation - Always Better?
6446 Potentiodynamic Approach for Determination of Organic Additives Concentration in Electroplating Solutions
6447 An Archittecture And Algorithms For Generating General-Purpose Modulation Signals
6448 Evaluation of the Degree of Compatibility of Measurement Results by a Classification Technique
6449 Autocalibration of MEMS Accelerometer
6450 Fast-Settling Envelope Detectors
6451 A New Method for Variance Estimation of White Noise Corrupting a Signal
6452 Inferring a Possibility Distribution from Measurement Data affected by B-type Uncertainty
6453 DBF factors for fast estimation of waveform distortion in ship systems - case study
6454 Peak voltage and frequency fluctuation measurments for power quality assessment
6455 Sets for Resistance Ratio Bridges to Comparing the Disseminated Resistance Standards with QHR
6456 The quadrature bridge for the comparison of the resistance, capacitance and inductance standards
6457 An Intelligent Camera Based Smart Seeding Rate Sensor
6458 HYCAM : A RCS Measurement and Analysis System for Time-Varying Targets
6459 Efficiency Measurement of Waterjet Orifices by a Novel Electro-Optical Technique
6460 A Novel Fiber-Optic Tapered Long-Period Bragg Grating Sensor for Pressure Monitoring
6461 Measurements of Field Harmonics in Magnets at Very High Ramp Rates Using a Multi-coil System
6462 A Study of Realistic Neural-Based Circuits Applied to Sensors Processing
6463 A Model Based Design of Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Systems for Metal Tube Inspection
6464 Measurement Uncertainty Estimation of Resistance Comparison Method
6465 Compendium of digital instrumentation with hardwired components using as logic states the ones of the reed relay
6466 Characterizing the Objects Embedded in the Sea-Bottom by Processing 3-D Acoustic Images
6467 Automatic Analytical Modeling of EIS Data by Evolutive Programming Based on Cultural Algorithms
6468 A Clamping Circuit Architecture Implementing Charges Injection Reduction Techniques
6469 Design and Assessment of a Low-Cost 3-D Sonar Imaging System Based on a Sparse Array
6470 Optimal Design of Wavelet Filters Based on Lifting Scheme by Means of Cultural Algorithms
6471 Digitally Self-Calibrated Pipeline ADC
6472 A High Dynamic Range CMOS Interface for Resistive Gas Sensor Array with Gradient Temperature Control
6473 Absolute Laser Frequency Stabilization to R(3) Absorption Line of HI at 1541.06 nm
6474 CCD luminance meter: high metrological potential and new additional requirements for performances characterization
6475 A Simulation Framework for Rapid Development of Microprocessor Based Measurement Systems
6476 Neural Network Based Iterative FIR Filter for Image and Video Restoration
6477 A low-cost instrument for reading out ELISA diagnostic plates based upon on-line image analysis
6478 Some Critical Notes on DAC Time Domain Specifications
6479 Figures of Merit for Analog-to-Digital Converters: Analytic Comparison of International Standards
6480 IEEE 1451.1 Standard and XML Web Services: a Powerful Combination to Build Distributed Measurement and Control Systems
6481 The Microflown, a novel approach to helicopters interior noise testing
6482 Selecting Test Frequencies for Two-Tone Phase Plane analysis of ADCs, Part II
6483 Investigation of Glucose Detection Failure by means of Dynamic Fuzzy Fault Tree Analysis in the Case of Continuous Subcutaneous Biosensoring
6484 Biosensors Intelligent Taxonomy within a Metrological Knowledge Base
6485 Research for Ultrasonic Fast-Identification of the Stick-Weld Defect
6486 Instrumentation Design for Gate and Drain Low Frequency Noise Measurements
6487 A Digital Multichannel Bioimpedance Analyser: Signal Processing Task and its Solution
6488 Microwave Dielectric Characterization of Shelled Peanuts for Simultaneous and Independent Determination of Bulk Density and Moisture Content
6489 Galvanical Coupling for Data Transmission through the Human Body
6490 A DSP Based Prototype for Water Conductivity Measurements
6491 Random Data Representation in Implementing Neural Network Architecture
6492 A novel approach to remote teaching: multilingual Magnetic Measurements Experiment
6493 Wireless Sensing for Active Noise Control
6494 A power measuring technique for built-in test purposes
6495 An Automated Instrumentation for Perfomance Evaluation of MOSFET Radiation Sensors
6496 Calibrating Rogowski coils
6497 A hibryd frequency space approach for shape measurement by shadow moire' technique with carrier fringe pattern
6498 A Navigation System for Visually Impaired
6499 FPGA Frequency Domain Based GPS Coarse Acquisition Processor Using FFT
6500 Dedicated Instrumentation for Single-Electron Effects Detection in Si Nanocrystal Memories
6501 A Novel Fixed-Point Normalization Architecture Using ROM Multiplier for Digital Signal Processing
6502 Effects of Wavelets Selection on Performances of Hyperspectral Image Fusion
6503 A Virtual Digital Readout for Grating Transducers Based on USB Techniques
6504 Ultrasound Pulse Optimization for the Measurement of the Contrast Agent Responses
6505 Research of Synthesized Fault Diagnose for Flat Wheel Detecting System
6506 Definition of Power Quality Indices for DC Low Voltage Distribution Networks
6507 Measurement Techniques for Magnetic Characterization of Fe-Si Alloys
6508 Self-mixing-based demodulation technique for dynamic fiber Bragg grating strain sensors
6509 Digital Signal Processing Approaches for Non-Stationary Magnetic Field Measurements through a Rotating Coils System
6510 The Interaction Between Metrological Parameters and Industrial Process Simulation Requirements for Equipment Scale-Up/Down by means of Dimensional Analysis
6511 New Spanish Electrical Power Standard
6512 Experimental Assessment of Coexistence Issues in IEEE 802.11b Wireless LANs through Cross-Layer Measurements
6513 On the Use of Video-Streaming Technologies for Remote Monitoring of Instrumentation
6514 Development of a Fully Digital and Low Frequency NMR System for Polarization Measurement of Hyperpolarized Gases
6515 Detection of Defect using Gath-Geva Fuzzy Clustering
6516 A Decision Aiding system based on Choquet integral applied to quality evaluation of composite material parts
6517 Overview on the development of remote didactical laboratories
6518 Design and Application of a Field Mill as a High-Voltage DC Meter
6519 Pre-processing Correction for Micro Nucleuses Image Detection Affected by Contemporaneous Alterations
6520 Measurement of magnetic alignment measurements in accelerators: critical comparison of methods and instruments
6521 Design and implementation of an automated polarity checker for superconducting magnets
6522 Software Tools for the Performance Evaluation of the Communications into the Wireless Distributed Mesurement Laboratory
6523 Genetic Optimization in Nonlinear Systems for Active Noise Control: Accuracy and Performance Evaluation
6524 Study on The Overvoltage Phenomena due to Lightning Surge in Low Voltage Environments
6525 Cancellation of harmonic interference using multi-rate signal processing techniques
6526 A Novel Approach to On Line Oil Quality Sensing Through Side- Polished Optic Fiber
6527 One-way delay measurement: state of art
6528 Improvement of PupilMouse
6529 Absolute interferometric measurement of differential displacements
6530 Reflection-based surface segmentation using active illumination
6531 Implementation of Gas Detector for Dissolved Gas in Transformer Oil
6532 An Experimental Decison Making Model for Calibration Intervals of a Digital Instrument
6533 Application of an Optical Temperature Measurement System on ZnO Surge Arrester Experiments
6534 In-situ monitoring of wetness in powder processing using dielectric probe measurements and multi variate analysis
6535 Single-ended Input to Differential Output Circuits. A Comparative Analysis.
6536 The Design of a Video Temporal Slice Analysis Based Motion Prediction Scheme for a Three-degrees-of-freedom In-parallel Actuated Manipulator
6537 A Hall Plate Based Instrument to Measure the Snapback in the LHC Superconducting Dipole Magnets
6538 Received signal strength characterization for wireless sensor networking
6539 In-situ calibration of pollutant measuring-units by means of remotely-controlled traveling standards
6540 Design of a Low-Cost Instrument for Pulse Oximetry
6541 Enhanced local void and temperature measurements for high-transient two-phase flows
6542 An Experimental Setup for Assessing the Power Closure of Energy Harvesting Systems
6543 Transient Power Consumption in Signal Amplifiers with Switched Supply Voltages
6544 A CMOS Camera with Programmable Real-Time Processing
6545 A Device to Measure Magnetic and Mechanical Axis of Very Long LHC Superconducting Magnets
6546 An FPGA based Measurement System for a Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) Strain Sensor
6547 Investigation on the Internal Field and on its origin in LiNbO3 by full field interferometric analysis
6548 Power supply units for wireless sensors:
6549 A New Calibration Method for Current and Voltage Sensors Used in Power Quality Measurements
6550 A Fast and Accurate Method for Electrical Power Measurement at Low Power Factors
6551 Two of Time-Interleaved ADC Channel Structure : Analysis and Modeling
6552 Synchronous Demodulator for Autonomous Sensors
6553 A Multi-Spectral Analog Photon Counting Readout Circuit for X-Ray Hybrid Pixel Detectors
6554 Autonomous Sensor Module with Piezoelectric Power Harvesting and RF Transmission of Measurement Signals
6555 Source localization in sensor networks with low communication bandwidth
6556 Technological Framework for Predictive Maintenance
6557 Spatial identification of nucleations in Superheated Droplet Detectors
6558 Characterization Of an Equipment Based on Hybrid Junctions for Measurement Of Electromagnetic Conducted Emissions
6559 Nonlinearity of the New Non-Sinusoidal Voltage Instrument
6560 A CMOS Sensor based on Single Photon Avalanche Diode for Fluorescence Lifetime Measurements
6561 Energy Harvesting from PZT Pyroelectric Cells
6562 Impulse Testing of Transformers - A Signal Analysis Viewpoint
6563 Analysis of Effects of Dielectric and Material Characteristics on the Performance of Thick Film Thermistors Using Commercial Software Tools
6564 Alarm dedicated method of glass breaks detection
6565 High-efficient Sub-optimal Intelligent Cyclic ADC. Analysis, Design and Testing
6566 Automated Inspection of Micro Laser Spot Weld Quality Using Optical Sensing and Neural Network Techniques
6567 Attenuation in Transferred Radio Frequency Power to a Biomedical Implant due to a Misalignment Coils and Absorption of Biological Tissue
6568 Calibration by an Enhanced Full Least Squares Method
6569 A New Modular Approach for Low Cost Electronic Noses
6570 Uncertainty Comparison on Digital Signal Processing Techniques for Ultrasonic Two-Layer Level Measurement
6571 IEEE 1588-based Synchronization System for a Displacement Sensor Network
6572 Tomographic Reconstruction of the Luminosity Distribution of a Combustion Flame
6573 Cross-Correlation and Sine-Fitting Techniques for High Resolution Ultrasonic Ranging
6574 Wavelet Packet Based Power Meter with FPGA
6575 A Distributed State Estimator For Electric Power Systems In Avionic And Naval Applications
6576 A measurement system and method aimed at investigating the temperature dependance of quartz crystals reliability
6577 Automated Oxidase-Coupled Amperometric Microsensor with Integrated Electrochemical Actuation System for Continuous Sensing of Saccharoids
6578 Magnet Field Strength and Alignment Measurements with a Single Stretched Wire System
6579 A Method of Synchronous Sampling in Multifrequency Bioimpedance Measurements
6580 Real-Time Sensing Channel Modelling Based on an FPGA and Real-Time Controller
6581 Combine multiple classifiers using voting scheme
6582 A Digitally Reconfigurable Sensor Interface for SOC Using Delta-Sigma Modulators
6583 Jitter Analysis in High Speed Serial Link Using a PWM Scheme
6584 Wireless Sensor Network Enhanced Time Synchronized Distributed Measurement Systems
6585 Online Fault Adaptive Control Applied to a Hybrid System Testbed
6586 A multi-tiered framework for Virtual Instrumentation System (VIS)
6587 A FPGA-based General Purpose Multi-Sensor Data Acquisition System with Nonlinear Sensor Characteristic and Environment Compensation
6588 Dynamic Characterization of Magnets Hysteresis by Magnetic Field Phase Spectrum
6589 On the use of wavelet transform for the quench precursors characterization in the LHC superconducting dipole magnets
6590 Wavelet and Fourier analysis of short-term rabit'cardiovascular oscillation
6591 Parameter Sensitivity and Measurement Error Propagation in Torque Estimation Algorithms for Induction Machines
6592 A Displacement Measurement System Based on Polymer Optical Fibers
6593 A fast digital integrator for magnetic field measurements at CERN
6594 Radiometers sensitivity analysis
6595 Diagnosing human's airway disease by negative pressure impulses method
6596 Robust Sine Wave Fitting in ADC Testing
6597 The behaviour of reactive energy meters in distorted power systems
6598 From the traditional multimeter to the "wireless multimeter networking"
6599 Simultaneous Non-contact Measurement of Water Level and Conductivity
6600 VR-Based Hand Rehabilitation using a Haptic-Based Framework
6601 A Fast-Locking Digital Phase-Locked Loop
6602 A Wide-Band Digital Phase-Locked Loop
6603 Determining the step-change conductivity profile within layered metal structures using inductance spectroscopy
6604 Effects of windowing on the measurement of harmonics and interharmonics in the IEC standard framework
6605 Transducer for Level Measurement in Natural and Artificial Accumulations
6606 Particularities of the Cyclic A/D Converters ENOB Definition and Measurement
6607 Computer-Aided Performance Measurement in Piano Pedagogy
6608 High Dynamic Range Image Reproduction Methods
6609 Equalization for High Bandwidth Coaxial Link
6610 Digital Dither: Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Unbiasedness
6611 Analysis and Generation of Test Sequences Based on Hamming Code and Its Modifications
6612 Ammonium Estimation in a Biological Wastewater Plant Using Feedforward Neural Networks
6613 Uncertainty Effects of Data Compression in Measurement Applications
6614 Energy consumption estimation in embedded systems
6615 Development of a Measuring Device for the Parasitic Inductance of the DC-link Backplane of an Inverter
6616 Microcontroller Based Automated Microwave Free-Space Measurement System for Determination of Dielectric Permittivity of High Loss Materials
6617 A Microelectromechanical Angular Velocity Sensor with Digital Output
6618 Data Uncertainty Sensitivity Analysis for Reduced Complexity SVM Classifiers
6619 Comparison of Internet and Dedicated Communication Protocols for Instrumentation and Measurement Systems using Short Range Wireless Networks
6620 Wavelet Effect In Acceleration Measurement Transducers and Dynamic Range of Measurements
6621 Assessment on Self-Mixing Laser Interferometry for Blood Flow Measurement over Skin Surface
6622 Simulation Modeling of Neural-Based Method of Multi-Sensor Output Signal Recognition
6623 Uncertainty of Analogue to Digital Converter including
6624 Current of Electrical power supply of electromechanical drives carries information leads to determination faults in cogged elements of drives
6625 Mobile System for the Localization of Shipping Containers in a Maritime Terminal
6626 Characterisation and Modelling of a Magnetic Biosensor
6627 Accurate Digital Synthesis of Sinewaves
6628 Inspection of Spray On Foam Insulation (SOFI) Using Microwave and Millimeter Wave Synthetic Aperture Focusing and Holography
6629 Temperature Compensation for a Piezoelectric Fibre-Optic Voltage Sensor
6630 Performance Analysis of Auxiliary Model Based Stochastic Gradient Parameter Estimation for MIMO systems under Weak Conditions
6631 A New Approach to the Harmonic Sources Detection in Power Systems
6632 Self-Calibration Methods in Measurement Channels for Linear and Non-Linear Conversion Functions Case.
6633 3d Programmed Graphics For Didactic Purpose In Instrumentation And Measurement
6634 Characterization of a completely user - independent algorithm for the segmentation of carotid artery ultrasound images
6635 Performance Analysis of the Vision Measuring Machine for Spindle Motor
6636 A Multibands Wideband Propagation Channel Sounder from 2 to 60 GHz
6637 Universal Laboratory Networking System (ULabNet)
6638 Model-Based Measurement of Soil Moisture by Impedance Spectroscopy
6639 Energy-Management for Power Aware Portable Sensor Systems
6640 The Future of Environmental Monitoring Systems, Introduction of UWEDAT
Totals: 641