Project Title: Design of a Standardized Faculty Web Site for Information Retrieval and Updating
Project Code: MAM9.

The COE database (client-server) that runs on MS SQL Server 7.0 Enterprise Edition. The client is written in Borland Delphi 4. This database contains mostly all data in the dept. and does all the querying, reporting and helps the administration in decision making. In some cases it is required that the end-user (faculty member) updates some information by himself, which leaves extra work on this user. In an attempt to decrease this overhead work we are proposing this 2-semester project that comes in two parts: Part 1: A classic Database-to-web connection is to be made using CGI and HTML to enable a web-based client for the database, and also to enable automatic update of faculty webpages, which are now uniform. This will take most of the work off the faculty member, but for some personal data he has to update his own data in the database by using either the aformentioned database client made in Delphi or by filling some ASP or CGI form on the web that will be made for this purpose. So, the purpose of Part 1 is to come up with a web-based client and tools for the database running on MS SQL Server 7.0 concentrating on the point that faculty can update their data from the web and also reflect it on their website. Part 2: This is the opposite of Part 1. Here the uniform faculty website is of most importance and the first page in the website (i.e. index.html or default.html) should have a standard form. A faculty member can only update data in his web page as he sees fit without changing any of the HTML code in the page. Then, a program (preferrably made in Delphi) will scan all the UNIX public directories for all faculty members (where they put their websites) and extracts the data from these uniform standard HTML pages and updates it on the database automatically. This takes most of the data-entry work and leaves it up to the faculty members to update their own data in the database while they also update their website (as they like to do every now and then) which is used by the dept. and helps in decision-making.

Status                 Available  
Name of Supervisor     Mayez Al-Mouhamed and Nizar Mabroukeh   
Action Plan            To be submitted   
Progress Report        To be submitted   
Attendance  Report      
Student(s)             Two  
Number of Semesters    Two Semesters    
Co-requisite           DB PL/SQL, HTML, CGI, SQL, and Delphi (prefered)