Project Title: Design of a Simulator of a Mutlimedia Processor
Project Code: MAM1.

Efficient multimedia processing requires the following features: (1) continous-media datastreams with narrow data organization, (2) fine-grained parallelism, (3) high code locality, (4) high memory and network bandwidth, and (5) extensive data reorganization. Traditional out-of-order superscalar microprocessors and hierarchical memories are not adequate to support multimedia processing which mainly requires guaranteeing worst case performance for dynamic multimedia as opposed to current peak performance measures. The storage of the data in main memory (DRAM) must be directed by the access patterns of the used algorithms. The first task of the project is to identify the access patterns of few multimedia algorithms (like FFT, DCT, Haar, Median filtering and other MPEG) with the objective of finding a storage that favors parallel access to the data structure as needed by a given algorithm. The second task of the project is to design and implement a simulator for a processor-in-memory (PIM) microarchitecture that addresses the above issues. The simulator will allow evaluation of the performance of the PIM processor for a given storage and a given multimedia algorithm.

Status                 Available  
Name of Supervisor     Mayez Al-Mouhamed   
Action Plan            To be submitted   
Progress Report        To be submitted   
Attendance  Report       
Student(s)             None  
Number of Semesters    One or two     
Co-requisite           Computer Architecture