Project Title: Design of Library of High-Speed Switching Devices
Project Code: MAM4.

The design of high-speed ATM switches capable of switching a variety of traffic sources with different quality-of-service requirements is one important problem addressed by the industrial and research communities. The main design requirements are (1) very fast switching speed, (2) very low loss probability, (3) modularity and massive parallelism, and (4) very simple hardware/overhead. In self-routing switches, the cell header bits are used to carry out distributed switching operations with no central unit. This project is to study the design of a library of moduler self-routing switching elements that can easily be assembled for building larger switches. The student is to inestigate the functional behavior of a few self-routing switches and to carry out the VLSI design, logic testing, timing analysis, and component optimization. The student is to use the VLSI design tools to study the timing of these basic switches and find their maximum operating frequencies. Finally, a few elemetary switches will be cascaded and tested by taking into account the switching time in each component and propagation time over the routing links.

Status                 Available  
Name of Supervisor     Dr. M. Al-Mouhamed and Dr. A. El-Maleh  
Action Plan            To be submitted   
Progress Report        To be submitted   
Attendance  Report     Satisfactory  
Student(s)             None  
Number of Semesters    One or two     
Co-requisite           COE Course on VLSI