Project Title: Implementation of Efficient Communication Protocol on Sun workstations.
Project Code: MAM3.

On Sun workstations, network protocols (including TCP/IP) are implemented as STREAMS modules. There also are generic STREAMS modules, e.g. pfmod, which can be configured in runtime to perform a specific filtering operation. Student(s) will be provided source codes of these programs. The goal of this project is to develop a generic STREAMS module which can be configured in runtime to implement simple network protocols. Basically, student is expected to (1) Understand protocol implementation basics on Sun workstations (2) Integrate the source code for the TCP/IP STREAMS modules and a generic STREAMS module, pfmod, which is used for packet filtering. The final product will be a module which can be configured in runtime like pfmod and is able to implement simple protocols (like TCP/IP modules). Such a program will be very valuable to quickly implement new protocols and test their performance.

Status                 Available  
Name of Supervisor     M. Al-Mouhamed and Onur Toker (SE) 
Action Plan            To be submitted   
Progress Report        To be submitted   
Attendance  Report     Satisfactory  
Student(s)             One or two  
Number of Semesters    One or two  
Co-requisite           Computer Networks