Project Title: Performance evaluation of a High-Speed Switch with Multicasting
Project Code: MAM2.

This project is on performance evaluation of a high speed switch architecture versus change in switch size, traffic load, and traffic types. A simulator was developed in previous projects a switch that allows both unicast and multicast requests be handeled in a uniform manner. This refers to the ability of duplicating a incoming request to a an arbitrary group of output ports. The switch is based on the following features: (1) low switching delay, (2) low probability of loss, and (3) simple hardware. In this project the students will review the simulator program (C) and carry out testing and debugging with respect to both types of requests. The simulator is useful for evaluate performance under a variety of traffic conditions like those generated in dynamic media communications. The student will: (1) review switch architectures that meet the above constraints, (2) study the proposed switching methods, (3) test and debug the switch simulator (written in C), and (4) carry out performance evaluation for a set of traffic conditions.

Status                 Available  
Name of Supervisor     Dr. M. Al-Mouhamed 
Action Plan            To be submitted   
Progress Report        To be submitted   
Attendance  Report     Satisfactory  
Student(s)             Two  
Number of Semesters    One or two     
Co-requisite           Good C programming background