Project Title: Design of a Real-time Client-Server in Java
Project Code: MAM2.

This project deals with the design and evaluation of a Java-based real-time Client-Server System. A few real-time streams will be simulated at both client and server to allow the study of the effects of protocol delay, transmission delay, and other overheads on some predefined quality-of-service (QOS), i.e. a rate-controlled real-time traffic. The QOS is basically the data rate of each stream and the allowed delay jitter. The student tasks are: (1) implementing the client-server programs in Java, (2) simulate the real-time streams using a few controlled parameters (data rate, volume of data, and allowed delay jitter), (3) Implement both TCP/IP and UDP versions of the system, (4) write an evaluation module to monitor each stream with respect to its features, measured inter-arrival time, and associated distribution. The Client-server will be tested and evaluated on the KFUPM Campus Network.