Project Title: Task programming on the PUMA robot arm
Project Code: MAM11.

The Unimate PUMA 560 is a 6 d.o.f. robot arm with VAL II as the operating system and the programming language. The project has the following tasks: (1) study the VAL II robot programming language, (2) interfacing a joystick to the robot arm, and (3) study the implementation of a force feedback on the joystick. The first task consists of studying the VAL II robot programming instruction as well as writing some task programs. The second task consists of writing a VB program to read a joystick and to forward the data to the robot arm. The robot will follow the trajectory assigned by the operator. This allows the operator to program the robot by using the concept of "teaching by showing". The third task the student uses force information. The force feedback is useful to provide the operator information about the force exerted on the object that is manipulated by the robot. Ideally the force feedback is to be received on the joystick so that it is communicated to the operator hand. The student will experience different setting of the force at the level of the joystick and recommends the best setting.