Project Title: Design of an Error Correcting Code for Critical Real-Time Traffic.
Project Code: MAM1.

Real-time trafic in LAN is genarally rate-controlled and may require tight timing constraints to meet some quality of service. Standard protocols like TCP/IP incur excessive overhead when used for real-time trafic over LAN. Very simple protocols which do not provide guarantee of delivery are generally prefered to gain efficiency. For critical real-time traffic guaranting timely delivery is very important. This project is to study a number of Forward Error Correction (FEC) schemes and to select one FEC that is efficient for the above problem.

Status                 Available  
Name of Supervisor     M. Al-Mouhamed and A.-A. Al-Mulhem  
Action Plan            To be submitted   
Progress Report        To be submitted   
Attendance  Report     Satisfactory  
Student(s)             None  
Number of Semesters    One or two     
Co-requisite           Computer Networks