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COE 485: Senior Design Projects  

Catalog Description (COE 485 Senior Design Projects)

This course is designed to give students the experience of tackling a realistic engineering problem. The intent is to show how to put theoretical knowledge gained into practical use by starting from a word description of a problem and proceeding through various design phases to end up with a practical engineering solution. Various projects are offered by COE faculty in their respective specialization areas. The project advisor guides the student in conducting feasibility study, preparation of specifications, and the methodology for the design. Detailed design and implementation of the project are carried out followed by testing, debugging, and documentation. An oral presentation and a final report are given at the end of the semester.
Prerequisite: Senior standing.

Reference Book: Robert Angus and Norman Gundersen, ``Planning, Performing, and Controlling Projects: Principles and Applications'', Prentice-Hall.

Supervisor: Dr. Mayez Al-Mouhamed,    Office: 22/335,  Tel: (03) 860-2934
Coordinator and instructor: Mr. Nizar R. Mabroukeh, Office: 22/124-6, Tel: (03) 860-114
Assistant Coordinator: Mr. Salman Khan, Office: 23/058, Tel: (03) 860-2232

Grading Policies:
Timely submission of Commitment form (coordinator) 2 points

Timely submission of Action plan (coordinator) 1.5 points

Action plan (coordinator) 1.5 points

Timely submission of progress report (coordinator) 3 points

Progress report (advisor) 6 points

Timely submission of Final Report (coordinator) 4 points

Final report (advisor (20pts) and coordinator (4pts)) 24 points

Motivation and self reliance (advisor) 10 points

Accomplished work (advisor (10pts) and a member (3pts each)) 13 points

Understanding (advisor (5pts) and a member (3 pts)) 8 points

Presentation (advisor (7pts), coordinator (4.5 pts), and member (6.5pts)) 18 points

Attendance (advisor and coordinator (4.5pts each)) 9 points

Total 100 points

Schedule of lectures:
All lectures will be given on each indicated Monday from 3:20 pm to 4:10 pm in Room 22-119.

Week Date Subject of lecture
1 September third, First organizational meeting
2 September 10, Second organizational meeting
3 September 17, How to conduct a Senior Project 1
4 September 24, How to conduct a Senior Project 2
5 October first, How to write a technical report 1
6 October 8, System Analysis 1
7 October 15, System Analysis 2
8 October 22, System Analysis 3
9 October 29, How to write a technical report 2
10 November 5, How to deliver a technical presentation

Schedule of deadlines:
All deadlines refers to the day time at 4:00 pm. Submission of requested items should be done at the location specified by the coordinator.

No Date Subject
1 Wednesday September 5, Deadline for faculty to submit projects
2 Saturday September 15, Deadline for students to submit the Commitment Form
3 Saturday September 22, Deadline for students to submit the Action Plan
4 Saturday October 27, Deadline for students to submit the Progress Report
5 Saturday December 29, Deadline for all students (including ICs)
    to submit the Final Report
6 Tuesday January first, Be ready to present your senior project

Important notes:

Students wishing to take an IC grade (incomplete) for this semester should not submit a final report. All other students wishing to complete their projects in this semester and get grades should submit their final reports on or before the indicated deadline.
Students having IC grade in COE 485 for this term should submit their final report no later than Saturday December 29. These students should be ready to deliver a presentation on their senior project on the evening of Monday December 31.

Projects on literature survey cannot be accepted. Each project should have a design part that incorporates some computer programming activity.

In the case of multi-student project, the project description must contain enough details to differentiate the task of each student. Also the action plan should clearly define distinct tasks for the members of the project team.

Students which are not regularly meeting with their project advisor will receive Warnings and a ``DN'' will be given to them if this situation persists.

All Project presentations must be done by using Powerpoint. Presentations will be 20-minute with a time break of 5 minutes.

In connection with the progress and final reports, it is prohibited to copy or past text, figures, diagrams, or plots from other sources (books, articles, etc.) without referring the original source. If you absolutely need to refer to figures, diagrams, or plots that appear in other sources, then you should include clear reference to their authors in the caption. An ``F'' grade will be given to the student if this rule is not observed.