Computer Engineering Department
COE 463 Digital Robotics

Instructor: Dr. Mayez Al-Mouhamed
Office: 22/325; Tel. #2934 (office) and 3536 (Robotics Lab)

Text Book:
``Robotics: Control, Sensing, Vision, and Intelligence'' Fu, Gonzalez, and Lee, McGraw Hill.
Grading Policy:
Homeworks: 10%, No late assignments will be accepted
Exam 1: 15%,
Exam 2: 15%,
Exam 1: 15%,
Final: 25%
Project: 20%

Course Description: Introduction to robotics, applications and theory. Linear algebra, frame of references, relationships between moving frames, robot system and models, and sensing. Motion coordination using the geometric approach. The Jacobian approach, singularities, and treatment of multiple solutions. Robot programming, effector-level (VAL II), and object-level (Autopass). Motion planning and trajectory generation. Introduction to robotics vision, edge detection, segmentation, storage, heuristic search, and recognition.

Course Outline
    Introduction to Robotics (1 week)
    Introduction to control, sensing, and motion (1 week)
    Linear algebra for robotics (2 weeks)
    Motion coordination systems (3 weeks)
    Robot programming (2 weeks)
    Motion planning and trajectory generation (2 weeks)
    Introduction to low level vision (1 week)
    Vision Recognition (2 weeks)

    Designing a robot gripper
    Study of medical robotics
    study and design of telepresence
    Design of a servo-controller
    Design of a motion coordination system
    Survey of robotics programming languages
    Free project at your choice