What Is Smart Home
It  should   use  computers
Integrate   work, learning   and  living  into home
It   should   hide  the  technique   and  details   of  how  it   works

Who  Will use  it
Handicapped people
Sick   People
Old People
Ultimately every   body

Energy  Saving (lighting)
Home shopping
Protection from  hazards (Fire, Flood, carbon monoxide)

Help  Inhabitants  live  a  happy   and safe  life
Performs tasks  automatically
Relieve   stress  of managing a  house

      -  Hazard warning   systems
      -  Emergency  call,  health  hazard
Energy  saving
     -Temperature control
     -Domestic  device management
     -Consumption  monitoring

    -  Smart   devices
    -Voice   control
    -Situation  dependent  effects

Hazard  warning  systems
The   main  goal   is to  detect   dangerous   states   in  a  room  and report   them  to  the  user
          - Detection  of  Explosive   Gases (methane)
           -  Early Smoke/Fire Detection
                      -H2  selective  metal  oxide gas  sensor
          -Detection of Toxic Gases (CO,CO2)

Some  of things  Smart home does
Wake   Up  home  owner   in  morning
present  them  with  information  when  they   need it
help   plan  for  good  meals
look  After   things  when  they  are gone
keep  out  intruders
monitor smart  devices  and schedule maintenance

Example  of  what it  can  do
Can  specify   exactly   who  is   able  to  enter   your property,When,where, for  what time period and  what  privileges
Ex:  Gardener can  enter  garden  but  not  home
He  can   use net terminal  for   irrigation
He  can  use  PIN, wireless  badge  or  smart card to  identify himself

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Lonworks  network  for home owners:(offer dynamic  value  added services)
     - Remote  appliance  servicing
     - Energy   management
     - Security  monitoring

Electric  utility Companies install lonwork
Intelligent  utility   meters to  reduce  the  cost  and increase  quality of electric  service
Allow  consumers  to  enable  or  disable  energy  usage  for  home
Can  save  homeowner  money

"Appliance manufacturers"
Appliance manufacturers  can  offer  monitoring services  that automatically dispatches  repair  technicians  if  a  dishwasher, stove  or  washing machine requires service.
Security companies: provide enhanced levels of security: alarms, motion sensors,cameras,  and  lights

Opportunities for Manufacturers
New Revenue  generating  services
Gain  useful   data   about   their  products  and  customers
Improve  brand  value
Increase customer  retention
ex: Manufacturers of dishwashers  collect data can be  used to  increase sales and improve future  product features.

They  can  use  network  connection  to  add  new  functionality to  their  products:
    -  For  fee  upgrades
    -on  pay-per-use
    -Free  incentive  to  build  customer  loyalty
    -  Remote diagnosis capabilities  can  anticipate appliance  failure and trigger service  call