King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
College of Computer Sciences & Engineering

 Department of Computer Engineering




Coordinator & Instructor: Mr. Masud-ul-Hasan

Catalog Description

The purpose of this laboratory is to supports the teaching of course “Fundamental of Computer Engineering (COE 200)”. Class lectures and laboratory experiments are synchronized i.e., students learn the theory in their theory classes first, and then they practically implement it in the laboratory. A small lecture is also delivered at the beginning of the laboratory explaining the details of the experiment. In this laboratory, students also learn about how the physical characteristics of the devices can be used to represent the binary numbers. In addition to that, students also learn some CAD tools (like Electronic Work Bench, Logic Works, etc.) for designing the circuits using PC.

Required Text Book:

Laboratory manual for COE 200.


Grade Distribution:

Each laboratory carries 30 points which is divided as follows:

Implementation 10 points

Functionality 10 points

Laboratory Report 10 points



Experiment # 1 Introduction, Representation of Binary Numbers

Experiment # 2 Basic Logic Functions

Experiment # 3 Hardware Implementation of Boolean Functions

Experiment # 4 Simplification of Boolean Functions using Boolean Algebra

Experiment # 5 Design Procedure of Combinational Circuits

Experiment # 6 Implementation Using a Universal Gate Only, Design of a Comparator Circuit

Experiment # 7 Implementation of Digital System Using Decoder, Design of a Multiplier Circuit

Experiment # 8 Implementation of Digital System Using Multiplexer

Experiment # 9 Adder/Subtracter Circuit, Seven Segment Display

Experiment # 10 Design of a Circuit Using MSI Functions

Experiment # 11 Introduction to Latches & Flip-Flops

Experiment # 12 Design Procedure of Sequential Circuits

Experiment # 13 Design of Counter Circuits