Final Exam instructions: Material includes chapter 8, chapter 13, and miscellaneous material covered after chapter 13.
It will be in room 11/131.
Bring your pencils and eraser. Borrowing will not be allowed. You will not be able to solve the exam without pencil because you have to bubble the "Test Answer Form".


For any difference in WebCT grades and your record will be entertain until Wed. 31st May, 2006  (4:00PM).
Lecture Slides:

            Moved to WebCT account

Important Dates:

                Major 1 on Monday (6:00PM) 13th March, 2006 in 24/(120 + 121)

                Major 2 on Monday (6:30PM) 24th April, 2006 in 24/(120 + 121)

                Final Exam on Wednesday (7:30AM) 31st May, 2006 in 11/131

Dates for all the quizzes are announced at WebCT