Final Lab Grades: posted at 9:00AM on Tue (23/08/05). Check the link below under "See your Lab. Grades". These grades are posted at my office door also.
Final Lab Grades: InshALLAH grades will be finalized by Mon. (22/8/05) and will be posted at my web site on Tue (23/8/05) morning. If you will have any concern to be discussed about the lab grades, you can come to my office during special office hours for this purpose from 2:00PM - 4:00PM on Tue (23/8/05). Grades will be submitted on the same day after 4:00PM and any objection after that will not be accepted.
See your Lab. Grades

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Project Presentation: Below are the links for the time sheets that you have signed the original. Please read carefully the "Note:" at the bottom of the time sheet.

  Sec. 51

         Sec. 52

Lab Project  


Online Book: Download free online book by Randall Hyde

Syllabus: Lab Syllabus/Policies

Tools: Download the Tools/Debugger (zip file size:4.65Mb)

Lab Manual: You can download the lab experiments from here.

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Online Material: COE 205 Online material