In all the report, the reference number at the end of sentences should be before the full stop ending the sentences. Example: ‘message. [2] Literally’ èmessage [2]. Literally’


3. Previous work: ‘[1] discusses threeèNeil Johnson et al. [1] discussed three


Not clear to understand, need reconsideration or rephrasing: ‘which reconstructs the original message exactly (lossless compression) to a JPEG which does not (lossy compression) and then back could destroy the information hidden in the LSBs.’


‘[2] analyzes and evaluates seven different….Steo1bit…’ èKevin Curran and Karen Bailey [2] analyze and evaluate seven different ….. Stego1bit…’


[5] & [6] also …..’ è ‘The literature [5] & [6] also….’ Add a sentence or two showing the ideas of the work in [5] & [6], then indicate a relation with your proposal or state clearly that it is out of the focus of your work.


Presentation Comments:

Slide 4 needs example figures of previous work.

Slide 5 need some illustration for every point.

Slide 6 show also the cover file and the bits to be hidden

Slide 7 show the hidden bits that are embedded into the cover image.