The title is interesting..

Since the affiliation is common, you can put it as:


Mahmoud Ankeer, Muhammad Abu-Ghalioun, Abdulrahman Shaheen, and Adnan Gutub


Computer Engineering Department, KFUPM, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

{mankeer, ghalioun, mrshaheen, gutub}


Referencing is missing throughout the paper; all claims need to be referenced or proofed.

In the introduction, you need to give briefing of some previous work and state some of its problems or disadvantages that you will solve in your proposed work.

Results section is insufficient and gives a very brief idea of the modeling and simulation results; it should be detailed more and renamed: Modeling & Simulation. You should give an idea of the simulation code you have written and on what image types it can run.


Some of your work can be studied and compared to StegoColourCycle, StegoPRNG, StegoFridrich in reference:

Kevin Curran, Karen Bailey, “An Evaluation of Image Based Steganography Methods,” International Journal of Digital Evidence, Fall 2003 Voulme 2 Issue 2.


You need to elaborate on the Figures and show its benefit to proof your work. Note that the figures are to improve the readers understanding and appreciation of your work so it needs to be clearly described.

The histogram figures, if necessary, needs to be clarified in terms of benefit toward the paper goals.

You should show a brief comparison between your work and previous work highlighting your achievements.

 A conclusion section should be added to brief in simple wording your results, benefits of your study, future work and recommendations.

References need some typo revision.


Missing items:


Introduction with previous work and briefing of the sections flow within the document




In the presentation:

The main aim of the presentation is to market your work in an attractive way.

You need to use illustrations, figures and graphs as much as possible.

You need to also clarify through figures the previous work and its negative aspects that your work will solve.

Comparison need to be detailed and graphed as curves.