In the affiliation you need to put the dept. before the university.

Give some idea about how diacritics is coded as 1 Byte letters and show the Hex code of each diacritic in Table 1….

Add internet reference for Musnad Al-Emam Ahmed. (refer to it whenever used)

Add the percentages to Table 2

Revisit Section 4, it can be divided in to two: New Approaches Modeling and Comparison & Analysis

Your two methods can be clarified into two sub sections where you need to give some idea about your software programs written to model and simulate your new approaches.

In the Comparison & Analysis section explain briefly the coding you have done of the other methods for comparison purposes then show the benefits of every method verified by the comparison results in the tables.


Presentation Comments:


Fig. 1: Text Steganography Using Tex…you need to clarify the figure stego method and the hidden data.

You need to add a slide (or two) between 4&5 to introduce some known text steganography with simple examples & illustrations.

Slide 5-8 is very nice….

Slide 9 needs an introduction that clarifies the testing sample where statistics relays on.

You need to add a slide showing exmple of both methods in Slide 12.