COE544:   Design of VLSI Integrated Processors


Course Outline

Course Notes: The following chapters are from the ASICS Book


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The complete book is at


     It is also available on my shared folder on my machine \\coe-elrabaa

Hand outs are in Bldg.21 (in the COE360 file of Dr. Muhammad Elrabaa) and include; Unix basic commands, and Magic  Tutorials. Also the handout on review of basic digital circuit parameters is here.

Project Resources

       A Short course on SPICE (and WinSpice3)

       Full Spice3 user's manual

       Spice Technology files: 0.5m, 5V Technology0.35m, 3.3V Technology ,

                                                   0.25m, 2.5V Technology and 0.18m, 1.8V Technology

Assignments & Quizes

        Assignment 1

        SPICE Assignments:


                    1.  Assignment1


                    2. Design a 4-bit CLA with 0.5 pF load capacitance, minimum area and power with an operating    

                        frequency of 1 GHz. Gates must have symmetrical noise margins. Use the 0.18 m technology.


        Layout Assignments:


                    1. Produce a layout of the C3 gate in your CLA-4 using Ledit. Check your layout against a

                        schematic (LVS)


                    2. Produce a symbolic layout of the CLA-4 adder


        Assignment 4 and 5


        Project Assignment 1


        Project Assignment .. 



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