The Static CMOS Circuit Wizard

       The "Static CMOS Circuit Wizard" is an educational Java applet designed to complement teaching of VLSI design courses. It has been designed as a senior design project at the Computer Engineering Department of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals , Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The applet is meant to support teaching of the COE 360 course, "Principles of VLSI Design" offered by the Computer Engineering Department.

        When provided with a logical function, the applet displays the transistor-level static CMOS implementation of that function. The output state is color-coded. A logic 0 is coded as black, while a logic 1 is coded as red. Enabled paths to the output node are also indicated on the schematic using the same color code.

        The state of any input variable can be toggled by clicking on the corresponding terminal.

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* Design is credited to student Abdullah Azzouni under the supervision of Dr. Alaaeldin Amin.

copyrights reserved, May 2001