CMOS Logic Operation Simulator

        "CMOS Logic Operation Simulator" is designed as an educational tool for the "Principles of VLSI Design" course. This course is offered by the Computer Engineering Department at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia as COE 360. Similar courses are offered in many other universities.


        When a user provides the applet below with a logical function, the applet should display the transistor-level schematic of that function. The schematic displayed shows a pull-up circuit (with PMOS transistors) and a pull-down circuit (with NMOS transistors). The output with paths enabled from either VCC or ground is shown also. The user then can click on the input terminal or the name of any transistor in order to change that transistor's state and accordingly change the circuit's state.

An applet should be running here..

* Note: This applet was designed as a senior design project in the Computer Engineering Department at King Fahd University. This is the first version of the software. If you either face any difficulty using the applet, find any sort of bugs in the software, need more information, or have any suggestions, please contact the WebMaster. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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