The chance to learn more skills!

COE 390 Sections 01 and 04.

Section 01: [Sunday from 12:00-12:50PM, in Blg. 24 room 125 ]

Section 04: [Tuesday from 12:00-12:50PM, in Blg. 24 room 180 ]

Senior Presentation Sat. April 10, 2004 at 11:00 AM, Room: 22/105

Please send 3 (Max. 5) titles of journal articles. For each article, use complete information, including Author(s), Title, Reference, Pages, Publisher, and Date. Some suggested sources:

Other sources must be approved by the course instructor.

Please, visit the library and check for papers. Internet articles will not do the job, unless it is an electronic copy of a journal article.

At this stage, no constraints are added. Once this phase is complete, the second phase will start. This is a multi-phase iterative process. Stay tuned.

Remember, we continue to do better

Note: To send the topics, use E-mail, and use the subject:



0n = 01 or 04 is the section number, and ST991234 is your student ID #.

Please make sure the articls are not from any previuos work, or any planned future work. It is not fair to get rewarded for the same work more than once!

Furthermore, it a chance to learn something new.

Learning by doing is one of the best ways to learn.

List of topics Due by 9:00 PM one day before next class:

NEW Posted Monday Feb. 23, 2004.

Due date for submitting the three references

Each team-member (student) will use the same topic for both presentation 01 (with voice) and presentation 02 (10 minutes in class).

Seminar Attendance: Please check for the COE, ICS, SE, EE seminars, that are technical and relevant to COE. Do not delay this component until the end of the semester.

Reporting Seminar Attendance: (All the following must be used)
  • E-mail: Subject-keyword:SEMINAR0n for seminar No. n Message with: Date, Time, Location, Speaker, Title, Department.
  • One-page summary: Paper-format, next class after seminar, in-class.
  • Instead of signatures, a table of seminars attended, where the partial table is submitted as E-Mail with subject: Example subject: COE390.0n-032.ST991234-PartialTable The table must have columns for: Date, Time, Location, Speaker, Title, Department.
  • Senior project and Co-op attendance: (2 required)

    Same as in Seminars


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