Running Magic VLSI on Cygwin/X over Windows XP    

This little quick guide will get you started with running Magic VLSI design software on Windows XP, it is by no means thoroughly tested or well written, but it should get the job done. I suppose there shouldn't be a need for screen shots of dialog boxes showing how to click "OK".

Procedure tested with Windows XP Pro SP1a, Admin User.

Install and Run Cygwin/X v1.5.9-1

  • Remove previous Cygwin's and DLL's in Windows/System32
  • Run CygWin-X-1-5-9-1\setup.exe and "Install from Local Directory" and point to where you ran setup.exe from.
  • With default installation options, expand X11 and choose "xorg-x11-base" which will also select required components to run X.
  • Also in X11, choose xorg-x11-xwin-gl, for the OpenGL/GLX accelerated X server.
  • Copy cygwin.bat from installation media to Cygwin directory and modify path's if needed in the .bat file.
  • Launch Cygwin/X with cygwin.bat

Run the X Server

  • From Cygwin/X Terminal, run OpenGL/GLX server in the background with "XWin_GL.exe -multiwindow", there should be an "X" in the taskbar.
  • If this doesn't work, try "XWin.exe -multiwindow", or "XWin_GL.exe", or "XWin.exe".
  • A good startup command is "XWin_GL.exe -multiwindow -emulate3buttons 100 -nowinkill -unixkill".

Install and Run Magic v7.2 & Irsim

  • Tcl/Tk version of Magic is in "Magic-7-2\magic_win_tcl" and non- Tcl/Tk is in "Magic-7-2\magic_win", the Tcl/Tk version is recommended but if it doesn't work, try the other.
  • Copy the 3 directories from "Magic-7-2\magic_win_tcl\cygwin\usr\local" to "c:\cygwin\usr\local" to merge with bin, lib, and man.
  • Run Magic by opening a new Cygwin shell, and type "magic " or "magic  -dOGL" for the GLX version.
  • Magic will open with two windows, one for commands and one is the main screen.
  • Sometimes the root will be /cygwindrive/c/cygwin so when opening a layout, type /usr/ and hit enter to get the correct path, and do the same thing for saving.
  • Tutorials will be at /usr/local/lib/magic/tutorial/
  • Commands do not have to be preceded with colons.
  • Create a directory /projects/cad/bin under the Cygwin main directory and copy the file anXhelper.exe there

Extra CD Contents

  • magic-7.2.67-source
  • Magic-Docs, documentation and tutorials for magic.
  • Magic-Cheat-Sheet.gif, one-page helper instructions.
  • cygwin-x-cg.pdf, Cygwin/X Contributor's Guide
  • cygwin-x-ug.pdf, Cygwin/X User's Guide

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