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COE 485: Senior Design Project

Term - 061

Important Announcement

Weekly Meeting is scheduled every Saturday at 12:30 PM

Usad-1 Robot (with Dr. Al- Dajani)

The aim is to design and realize a combat robot used for dangerous operations. The robot will be based on a simple quad. The mechanical and hardware are done. The putting it together job with interfacing and software is yet to be done.

This project needs 2 students.

Secure Payment System

This project aims at designing and realizing a hardware cost-effective, smart card payment system to be used over the internet.

The payment system will be based on pre-paid personal payment cards.

SystemC- based Parallel Simulator

please read this file

Instruction-Set Design and Experimentation tool

In the COE-308 course, there are a lot of Computer Architecture issues that need to be learned by students in a highly interactive way. These architectural issues cannot easily be assimilated by the students unless the students themselves are involved in the architectural trade-off process.

This project's goal is to develop an educational tool that will facilitate architectural experimentation for CPU design. The tool will be used by the COE-308 students to perform "real" architectural assignments.

The tool will allow students to design ISAs and to experiment guided datapath design to realize the ISA. The tool will also include an assembly and a simulator. The tool should be able to support the students in:
  • Describing instructions at the RTL level (not Verilog RTL)
  • Design the execution unit (using pre-defined, yet customizable, building blocks like register files, ALUs, etc ...)
  • Make general choices for the machine (pipe-line, number o clock cycles, etc ...)
  • Map the RTL level to the execution units blocks
  • Write assembly programs
  • Simulate the programs
  • Look at what happens in each block of the execution unit.

The tool is to be realized in software as a GUI-based tool.


FPGA Implementation of an Image Processing Algorithm (with Mr. Kamel Chenaoua)

see Mr. Chenaoua


Wireless Meter Reading Terminal The goal of this project is to build a meter reader terminal for reading regular utilities meters. The aim is to make utility companies agents trips inside the homes unnecessary by enabling a wireless access to the reading information.

To have a universal reading, the easiest way is to use image capture to simply take a snapshot of the meter and transmit this snapshot on a wireless interface to the agent outside.

The agent should be able to come by car to collect the information about the meters in a selected neighborhood. The terminal is operated as follows:

  • The terminal displays the meters in a certain location
  • The agent selects a meter to read from a meter database.
  • The terminal sends a read request to the selected meter
  • The selected meter takes a snapshot of its front by a permanently attached low-cost camera
  • The snapshot image file is compressed and transmitted back to the terminal
  • The file is saved in the terminal for further use.
  • The value of the reading can either be read by a human on a screen and manually entered or automatically recognized by OCR/image processing software. This part is out of the scope of this project.
School Pick-up Automated System The idea is to implement a system that eases the process of picking up children from schools with the goal to minimize waiting time for the parent/driver. The system should work as follows:
  • The school will keep a picture of every parent/driver/person authorized to pick the child in a database linked with the child's entry
  • Every parent/driver/person will be given a small keychain strip on which a unique number will be represented in a bard-code.
  • When the parent/driver/person will come to pick up the child, he/she will swipe the bar code while looking at a camera installed near the bar-code reader at the entrance.
  • The request will immediately be sent to the database to retreive the information of the person.
  • All the children names and pictures associated with this parent/driver/person will be displayed next to his/her two pictures (the one in the database and the one freshly taken by the camera at the entrance).
  • The operator of the system will identify the person (from the two pictures) and authorize the release of the associated child/children.
  • Requests can automatically be dispatched to the classrooms where the teachers will be pose as operators for the system to parallelize the process.
Embedded Systems Cores A series of simple, general purpose interface cores will be designed in Verilog/VHDL, verified and synthesized on target FPGAs/CPLDs.

Some of the cores are:

  • Asynchronous parallel  to SPI interface
  • Asynchronous parallel to I2S audio interface




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