CHEM-111, QUIZ  #  7      CH # 22

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Q.1      Which of the following compound exhibit cis and trans isomers.          


            a) H2C=CHCH2CH3               b) CH3CH=CHCH3                



            b) CH3CH2CH2CH2CH3          d) CH3C=CCH3

                                                                         |    |

                                                                   H3C  CH3


Q.2.     Write down the cis and trans isomers of the compound 2-pentene.








Q.3.     Write down the systematic name of the following compounds.



            a) CH3CH-CH=CH2               



            c) CH3-CH-CH-CH2-CH2CH3

                          |      |

                         Br   CH3

            b) CH3-CH=CH-CH2Cl


Q.4.     Give the name and structure all possible isomers of C5H12.  









Q.5      In saturated hydrocarbon which of the following isomer is possible ?

            a) Geometrical Isomer                          b) Structural Isomer


Q.6.     Write the name of the functional groups.

            a) H2C=O                                            b) -COOH                               c) -NH2                       


            d) -OH