Research Interests

  • Analytical Separations
    • Column technology for analytical microseparations
    • Sol-gel chemistry-based separation systems
    • Microcolumn liquid chromatography (micro-LC)
    • Environmental and biomedical Applications of microseparation technique
    • Application of nanomaterials in separation science
    • Analysis of trace metals and organics in aquatic environments, including marine, estuarine and freshwater systems
  • Sample Preparation Techniques
    • Solid-phase Microextraction (SPME)
    • Capillary Microextraction (CME)
    • Electromediated extraction (EME)  
  • Hyphenation of Sample Preparation and Separation Techniques
    • SPME-GC
    • CME-GC
    • CME-HPLC


Malik, Abdul; Alhooshani, Khalid Tube structure with sol-gel zirconia coating.    U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ.  (2007),     18pp, Cont. of U.S. Ser. No. 704,766