Fields Of Main Interest







Research Interests


 Catalysts Characterization using Laser induced fluorescence  spectroscopy,

Dynamics of the excited state proton transfer reactions

Computational Chemistry

Study of Food Additives and contaminants



Funded Research projects


1.   Project #SAB-2002/05

 “Quality Tests of Widely Used Vegetable Oils in Saudi Arabia by different electron spectroscopy techniques”, M.A. Morsy (PI) and Ali El-Rayyes (CoI) (Dec 2002-Dec. 2003). The research project is under investigation.


2.   Project #SAB-2003/05

 “Photochemical Studies on 8-Amino-1-Naphthol-3, 6-Disulfonate by Fluorescence Spectroscopy”  by Than Htun (PI) and Ali El-Rayyes (CoI)  (April 2003-April. 2004). The Final report is submitted and approved (with evaluation of Excellent)


3. Project #SAB-2004/16

“Acidity Characterization of Solid Acids by Using the Excited State Proton Transfer Reactions of  Aromatic Amines” by Ali El-Rayyes (PI), (june 2004-Nov. 2005).