Research Activity

1.                  Homogenous Catalysis. This area includes the production of various aldehydes, carboxylic acids, esters, unsaturated esters, unsaturated amides, unsaturated thioesters, and amines by using soluble transition metal catalysts in carbonylation reactions.

2.                  Heterogeneous Catalysis. A detail study on the use of inorganic supports such as Zeolites, mesoporous materials, clay, and others to impregnate rhodium, cobalt, palladium, heteropolyacids and other catalysts. The catalysts were tested in various important industrial processes such as hydroformylation, hydroaminomethylation, hydrocarboxylation and others.

3.                  Instrumentation Chemistry. The heterogeneous catalysts are analyzed by IR, XRD and ICP. The organic products are characterized by Gas Chromatography, NMR, GC-MS, elemental analysis.  The products and the intermediates are analyzed by various techniques.


BOOK AND Book Chapters

1.   Bassam El Ali and Howard Alper, “New Approaches to The Synthesis of Heterocycles by Transition Metal Catalysis”, in: “Transition Metal Catalyzed Reactions”, By S. Davies and S-I. Murahashi, 1999pp. 261.

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Research Funded projects

Project Title


Synthesis and characterization of new Magnetic Metallopolypyrroles “

SABIC-Saudi Arabia

Palladium-heteropolyacids catalysed asymmetric hydrocarboxylation of Styrene Derivatives. Catalytic synthesis of Ibuprofen and Naproxen

KFUPM-Saudi Arabia

Hydroformylation and acetalization reactions using the catalytic conversion of Alkenes into Aldehydes and Acetals

KACST-Saudi Arabia

Catalytic Disproportionation and Transalkylation of Akylbenzenes into P-Xylene in a Fluidized Bed Reactor

KACST-Saudi Arabia

New Group 10 metal complexes based on chelate ligands bearing nitroxide radicals. Magnetic properties and Catalytic performance in oxidation reactions of alcohols

KFUPM-Saudi Arabia

Regioselective catalytic hydrocarboxylation of alkynes by palladium complexes. Effects of the type of ligands and additives. Computational study of the mechanism of the reaction.


KFUPM-Saudi Arabia