Name:                              Dr. Anvarhusein A. Isab

Date of Birth:                  22nd April 1950.

Permanent Address:       Motataiwad, Valsad (Gujarat)

                                         India 396001.

Corresponding Address:    KFUPM # 1964 Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia                Tel:(009663) 860-5735  (Res.) 860-2645(Off)  FAX: 860-4277                                                               E-mail:

Joined KFUPM:       Asst. Prof.: Sept. 1981 to Apr. 1984

                                   Assoc.  Prof.:     May 1984 to Dec 1996

                                   Professor           :     Jan 1997 to date

Academic Qualifications:

          Ph.D.   1978   Birkbeck College (Univ. of  London, UK)    Bio-Inorganic Chemistry 

Title of Thesis:               NMR Studies of Biologically Interesting Gold . Complexes (May 1978, Univ. of London)

Areas of Specialization:

1. Gold Biochemistry (Anti-arthritic Drugs)

The main research area emphasize the biological and inorganic chemistry of gold(I)-thiolate complexes which are active as antiarthritic agents. The ligand exchange reactions are being investigated by using NMR spectroscopy.

2. Thione/Thionine/Selenomethionine Complexes

      Imidazolidine-2 thione/Methionine/Selenomethionie and their derivatives are used as model ligands to synthesize various heavy metal complexes.

3. Captopril (A High Blood Pressure Drug)

      Captopril which has been used as a high blood pressure drug forms a crystalline complex with gold(I), which is first time in the history of gold(I)-thiolate complex is being crystalline. NMR is used to study the interaction of captopril with other heavy metal ions.

4. Impact of Cyanide ion on Smokers who are treated with Gold Drugs

      We are currently studying the reaction mechanism of cyanide ion with gold(I) drugs. Smokers on gold(I) therapy is found to have more toxic effects than nonsmokers. NMR is used to study the exchange reactions.

5. Red Blood Cells/ Serum Albumin

      The interaction of heavy metal ions with red blood cells as well as with serum albumin being investigated by NMR spectroscopy.

6. R3PAu13C15N and R3PAuS13C15N complexes

      Labeled R3PAuCN and R3PAuSCN new complexes are being synthesized which may have biological impact.

7. Selenocyanate and thiocyanate interactions

      Recently my Ph.D. student is working on the interaction of Selenocyanate and thiocyanate with Gold (I) drugs to understand the disproportionation reaction of the type CNSe-Au-thiols.

8. Solid state NMR studies Cd (II)-thione/selone complexes

      We have recently started synthesizing various Imidazolidine-2-thione and its derivatives complexes with Cd(II) and study them solution as well as in solid state in collaboration with Dr. M. I. M. Wazeer.

9. Ag13C15N complexes with thiones/selones

      Labeled AgCN complexes are being synthesized with thiones/selones and study them with 109Ag NMR spectroscopy.


Teaching Experience

            CHEM 710 Ph.D. Thesis

            CHEM 610 MS Thesis

            CHEM 522 Organometallic Chemistry I

            CHEM 521 Advance Coordination Chemistry

            CHEM 463 Environmental Chemistry

            CHEM 412 Chem. Senior Project II         

            CHEM 411 and CHEM 471 Chem. Senior Project I          

            CHEM 409 Chem. Seminar

            CHEM 331 Inorganic Chemistry

            CHEM 315 Introduction to Literature

            CHEM 306 Inorganic Chem. II (Lec./Lab)

            CHEM 161 Introduction to General Chemistry

            CHEM 111 Basics of Environmental Chemistry

            CHEM 102 General Chemistry II (LLF)

            CHEM 101 General Chemistry I

Coordination of CHEM 102 course:

            CHEM 102: Coordination of course during 1983 to 1986 Preparing Lect/Lab Schedule, Reservation of Auditoriums, Coordinating all Major and Final exams for 800 to 1000 students, Prepare a final report for the Chairman.

Freshmen Labs Coordinator:  Fall ’89 to Spring ’02 (13 years of coordination of Freshmen CHEM 101 and CHEM 102 Labs).  I was involved in the development of the Freshmen experiments. 

            Responsibilities: As a Freshman Lab Coordinator:

(a)     I was responsible for the CHEM 101/102 lab manuals to be printed by KFUPM press (total about 1000-1200 per year).

(b)     To supervise one chemist + two lab technicians.

(c)     To order chemicals and glassware for various experiments.

(d)     To substitute for any faculty members who is absent or cannot take any freshman labs (emergency).

During summer session, I helped in arranging labs assignments to different technicians so that labs run smoothly during summer.

Inorganic Division Supervisor:



Laboratory Manuals CHEM 161


            CHEM 161: Revised CHEM 161 Lab manual while teaching the course. Printed 110 copies from 1987-1989 each year.               

 CHEM 411/CHEM 412 Senior Projects:

            I have supervised several senior research projects.

Awards :

      1. Holder of British Council Award Sept. '74 to June '78.

      2.   Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research Fellowship (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) Sept. '80 to Aug. '81.

     3. UWM NIEHS (Milwaukee WI USA) Marine and Fresh water Biomedical Core     Center Grant to carry out research on Lobster's Metallothionine June-Aug., 1989.

     4. The Best Research Award 1995-96.

     5. The Best Research Award 2001-02.


Professional Experience

      1.   April '74 to May 78, working as a Demonstrator for undergrad. students whilst working as a graduate student for Ph.D.

      2.   Aug.'77 to Feb.'78, with ICI (UK) Ltd. on development and analysis of formulated and bulk drugs by NMR and other physical techniques.

      3.             Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Chem. Dept. with Prof. D. L. Rabenstein (Univ. of Alberta, Canada)  Nov. 78 to Aug. 81.

      4.   Sept. '81 to date: Teaching various Chemistry courses at  the KFUPM


      1.             Member of the American Chemical Society since 1979.

      2.            Member of the Saudi Arabian Intl. Chapters of the American Chemical Society since 1988.

Visiting Professor:

      1.   Visiting Prof. to the Chem. Dept., Univ. of Alberta during June '83 to Aug. '83 and June '84 to Aug. '84.

      2.   Visiting Prof. to the Chem. Dept., Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee during June '89 to Aug. '89 and July '94 to Sept. '94.

Sabbatical Leave:

      1.            Worked with Prof. C. F. Shaw III at the Chem. Dept., Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA, during July 86 to Aug. 87. Published seven papers in the well-reputed journals like J. Am. Chem. Soc., Inorg. Chem., Biochem. Pharm. etc. Two more papers are under preparations.

      2.   Second Sabbatical Leave Aug. 97-Aug. 98. The title of the proposal, "Studies of Nucleotide and DNA Binding to Metallo-Anticancer Drugs". Host Scientist: Prof. L. G. Marzilli, Chemistry Department, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia.


            Smith Kline Beecham Pharm. (USA) into their Gold(I) based anti-arthritic drug programs (see publication nos. 17, 40, 43). Bristol Myers Squibb Pharm. Research Inst. for Medical Res.(USA) provides captopril (A high blood pressure drug) for my research. I collaborate my research with several faculty members here at KFUPM (see several of my publications). I also have international collaborators e.g. Prof. C. F. Shaw III (USA); Prof. P. J. Sadler (UK); Prof. J. D. Hoeschele (USA); Prof. G. Stocco (Italy) etc.

Research Projects at KFUPM:

      1.            "Interaction of Metal Ions with Biologically Active Thiol Molecules Studies of NMR Spectroscopy".

                        Duration: Apr.'82 to Mar.'84  (CY/METALION/54). Investigator: DR. A. A. ISAB

                  (Number of papers generated: six)

      2.            "NMR Studies of Imidazolidine-2-thione and its derivatives"

                  Duration: Jan. '85 to Dec.'88  (CY/NMRSTUDY/92).

                  Investigator: DR. A. A. ISAB

                  (Number of papers generated: seven)

      3.             "Exchange Reactions of Bis(Thiomalato)-Gold(I) Complex with Thiols and other Biologically Important Ligands".

                  Duration: Jan.'91 to Dec.'93  (CY/DRUG/124).

                  Investigator: DR. A. A. ISAB

                  (Number of papers generated: fourteen)

      4.   "13C, 15N and 31P NMR Studies of the interaction of Cyanide Ion with Gold(I) Complexes"

                  Duration: Oct.'95 to Dec '99 (CY/CYANIDE/175).

                  Investigators: DR. A. A. ISAB (Principal Investigator) and DR. A. Al-ARFAJ (Co-Investigator)  (Number of papers generated: ten)

       5. "13C, 15N, 77Se and 109Ag NMR Studies of M(I)-Imidazoloidine-2-thione and Imidazoloidine-2-selenone Complexes (Where M = Ag and Au)"

                  Duration: Sept.'00 to Mar '03 (CY/NMR-STUDIES/214).

                  Investigators: DR. A. A. ISAB (Principal Investigator), DR. A. Al-ARFAJ (Co-Investigator) and Dr. H. Perzanowski  (Co-Investigator).  (Number of papers generated : fourteen so far).

6. "13C, 31P and 77Se NMR Studies of the Redox and Exchange Reactions of Gold(I) Drugs with Bis(alkylthio)selenides of Biological Thiols”

                  Duration: Apr. '03 to Oct. '04 (SABIC/2003-08).

                  Investigators: DR. A. A. Isab (Principal Investigator), DR. Waqar Ashraf (Co-Investigator). 

MS/Ph.D. Thesis:

Chairman of the Committee (MS degree)

1.       "15N and 13C NMR Studies of the Interaction of Cyanide ion with Gold Drugs", by Mr. Ibrahim H. Gazi  (MS, Completed June 1993). (Three papers have been published from his MS thesis; Publication # 52, 53 and #61).

      2.   "13C and 15N NMR Studies of Ligand Exchange Reactions of Auranofin and the Synthesis of   Gold(I) Complexes with Phosphine Sulfides and Phosphine Selenides", by Mr. Saeed Ahmad  (MS, Completed Nov 1997). (One paper have been published from his MS thesis; Publication # 72).

Chairman of the Committee (Ph.D. degree)

1.       "13C, 15N and 31P NMR Studies of the Scrambling Reactions and the Redox Reactions of Some Gold(I) Complexes"  by Mr. M. N. Akhtar(ID # 920347) (Nine papers have been published). (PhD, Degree awarded in  Sept. 1996).

2.       "Synthesis, Characterization and NMR Studies of Some Gold (I) and Silver (I) Complexes with Cyanides, Thiones and Selenones” by Mr. A. Saeed ( ID # 950437)  (Thirteen papers have been published).  (PhD, Degree awarded in January, 2002).

Member of the Committee (MS degree)

      1.             "Heterocyclic thione Complexes of Group IB Metals: Models of Gold Drugs", by M. L. Hossain.

            (MS, Degree awarded in June 1988).

Member of the Committee (Ph.D. degree)

      1. "NMR Study of Nitrogen Inversion and N-O Torsional Barriers and Anomeric Effect in Hydroxylamine Derivatives". (PhD, Degree awarded in Oct 1997). (Ph.D.; Mr. Hassan Azfar ID # 910596)

2.   “Chain Transfer Agents: Characterizations and their use in Polymerization Reactions”. (PhD, Degree awarded in Jan. 2003).(PhD; Mr. Shafique Ahmad, ID No. 970329)