Industrial Sites

Allied Signal Power Systems Inc.

Allison Engine Company

Analytic Power

Avista Labs

Ballard Power Systems


Caterpillar Inc.


DAIS corporation

DCH Technology

Degussa Metals Catalsyts Cerdec

Duke Energy Power Services LLC

E-Tek, Inc.



Energy Conversion Devices, Inc.

Energy Partners Inc.

Enova Corporation


Fletcher Challenge Limited

Fluor Daniel Inc.

Ford Motor Company - TH!NK Technologies

FuelCell Energy, Inc

Fuel Cell Commercialization Group(ERC)

Gas Researh Institute

Global Thermoelectric

H Power Corp.

Horiba Limited


International Fuel Cells

Lynntech, Inc.

Manhattan Scientifics Inc.

National Renewable Energy Lab

Netherlands Energy Research Foundation

Nuvera Fuel Cells

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Plug Power, L.L.C.

Siemens AG

Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation

Southern California Edison

Southern California Gas

Stewart & Stevenson Services, Inc.

Science and Technology Center

Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan

Warsitz Enterprises

Westinghouse Electric Corporation

 Ztek Corporation

Government Sites

AQMD's Technology Advancement Office

Federal Energy Technology Center (FETC)

Fossil Energy, Department of Energy

Fossil Energy Gateway

Gas Research Institute

Sandia National Labs

Transportation Technologies, The Office of

Other Fuel Cell Organizations

American Hydrogen Association

American Methanol Institute

California Hydrogen Business Council

California Stationary Fuel Cell Collaborative

Canadian Fuel Cell Page

Energy Info Source: Distributed Generation


Fuel Cells 2000


Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Letter

Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Investor

National Hydrogen Association

Online Fuel Cell Information Center, The

Scientific American

Small-Scale Fuel Cell Commercialization Group


The Electric Power Research Institute

Netherlands Energy Research Institute ECN

The Pacific Rim Consortium in Energy,
Combustion, and the Environment (PARCON)

Princeton University

Rocky Mountain Institute

University of California, Davis,
Institute for Transportation Studies

University of California, Davis, R&D

University of California, Irvine

University of California, Irvine
Combustion Laboratory (UCICL)

University of California, Riverside

University of Florida
Material Science and Engineering