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All of us are well aware of the fact that over the years  students of IISD have been performing exceedingly well in CBSE X & XII board exams. And for this achievement, we are grateful to the excellent teaching staff of IISD! However, we also know that those IISD students had lost the opportunities for getting admissions into the top Engineering and Medical colleges of India. It was not that they did not possess the ability or the potential to compete with the best and crack these exams but rather it was because they lacked the support of specialized coaching which is very essential for achieving success in these exams. IISD management has been working towards inducting into IISD one of the best coaching institutes from India for providing this much needed training. Going forward, the school had arranged for the parents a 2-1/2 hour interactive discussion on this subject with the director of the coaching institute and IISD management on 11 February 2010. It is strongly recommended that those of you who were unable to attend this meeting make it a point to go through the informative presentations made that day.








Presentation of Dr. S. U. Rahman, IISD Committee Member, Download

Presentation of Dr. Raj Mitra, COO, Aakash Educational Services, Download

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Salient Features

a.       The Coaching Institute’s faculty who are not only eminently qualified but have specialized experience in preparing students for competitive exams would be inducted into this program.

b.      These instructors would ensure that they first build in students strong conceptual understanding of the fundamentals of each topic as they teach them the regular CBSE syllabi of Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and Math subjects. Then they would work towards sharpening their analytical/reasoning skills and parallel thinking process in addition to improving their speed and accuracy so that the students are well prepared to a level required for excelling in the entrance exams. Students who follow this basic approach to make their core fundamental knowledge clear to the optimum level, always surpass the others at any level/pattern of exam.

c.       For students joining this program, subjects other Math and Science (PCB) will be taught by our current IISD teaching staff.

d.      This coaching will be provided during regular class hours from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm. However, there may be times where the students would be asked to stay back at school for a few hours as the need arises for which prior notification would be provided to parents.

e.       The instructors will maintain office hours after regular classes, during which students can either call from home or come to school for discussing and clearing their doubts. This will help a lot in uplifting the knowledge levels of weak & shy students.

f.        The Coaching Institute has assured support to our students at their various centers in India when they are on vacation.

g.       For the upcoming academic year i. e. 2010 – 2011, we will start this coaching for classes IX, X, XI. And there is a possibility of offering crash courses for class XII students.

h.       Admissions to these coaching classes will be based on students’ past performance at school and their aptitude.

i.         A committee setup by IISD will oversee the smooth functioning of the Coaching Institute at IISD. It will ensure that CBSE requirements are met and the assured quality coaching is delivered, for preparing our students to have a cutting edge in competitive entrance exams.

j.        The cost of the coaching will be about USD 2,200 (SR 8,250)/year for class XI. For classes IX and X, the fees will be much lower. The exact fee will depend on the number of students enrolling for this coaching.

k.      For bright and aspiring students coming from a weak financial background, the Management Committee is considering some financial support.

l.         This coaching will not hinder any extra or co-curricular activities that are being offered at IISD.

m.     The track record of Aakash Institute, selected for providing this Integrated Coaching and its past performances can be found at :



a.       Integrated Coaching combines the strength of a coaching class and a school to provide an ideal ambience for the growth and success of a student. Students will be imparted general CBSE education with a focus on competitive exams, ie. They will be simultaneously preparing for the CBSE exams and the entrance exams. It enables and empowers the students with the knowledge and skills to tackle the pressure of boards and competitive examinations. It would help to systematically unfold the full potential of a student and inculcate in him/her a sense of discipline that’s required for achieving excellence.

b.      Quality instruction from a reputed institution with a good track record would be assured right here at IISD. Compare that to the private tuitions where there is no check on the quality or any provision for advanced / specialized coaching.

c.       It is cost effective. Compare to what parents normally pay just to avail private tuitions for CBSE preparations (SR250 x 10 months x 3 subjects =  SR 7,500/year)

d.      Parents and students will not have to waste their valuable time in going from one tuition class to the next at different locations.

e.       Students will have more time for themselves after these classes which they can spend in self study to develop and hone their skills further, for relaxing, social and other developmental activities. Relaxation is very essential to relieve stress and prevent mental fatigue. It also doubles productivity. Effective utilization of the time spent in the school would help students to excel not only in Board Exams but in any competitive exams also along with their personality development.

f.        It has been found that due to the lack of synergy between school studies and external tuitions/coaching, the student comes under immense pressure from both. It so happens that he/she will be studying two different topics of the same subject on the same day. He/she will not be able to give total optimal time for a topic. This leads to ineffective grounding of concepts and does not allow him/her to perform optimally in both Competitive Exams as well as Boards. Integrated Coaching ensures that school studies and preparation for competitive exams would be synchronized i.e. the topic being done for extra coaching and for CBSE would be same and so studies would complement each other

g.       Parents receiving Educational Allowance for their children would be able to claim the cost of coaching from their employers as it would included in the fees receipt.

h.       Parents may not need to send their children to India for availing this specialized type of coaching and hence would not upset their family life.

i.         Extra coaching is absolutely required to push students to think innovatively and answer out-of-the-box questions as this is normally not done at schools. Specialized coaching also trains the students to a certain level of proficiency and to answer questions with speed and accuracy thus enabling them to score more marks.


Quick Comparison :


IISD-AKASH integrated coaching

Private Tuition


During school hours. Student fatigue(tiresome) is negligible. Time is not wasted. Can work further at home

Extra hours and too much time in transportation. Students become exhausted.


SR.8,250/ or less




Safety is not a concern. Crowded rooms


Bright chances to get into IIT, AIEEE, BITS, AIIMS,VET and other state institutions etc

Perhaps to score high marks in CBSE exams only, but further studies –a question mark & to pay capitation fee or more fees towards NRI quota in less reputed institutions.



Watch Out

Please be aware that there are some lesser known coaching centers with narrow objectives. They are trying to establish businesses in Dammam. IISD has nothing to do with them and does not vouch for them. The quality of their staff and their instructions cannot be verified or ensured. On the other hand, at IISD we will have a strict quality assurance process for this coaching.








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