CHE 325.04  (term 041)

Chemical Engineering Computing Laboratory





Introducing the student to the programming techniques in chemical engineering calculations and problem solving. Data processing, problem solving using MATLAB, computer assisted design and simulation of chemical engineering problems, and the use of spreadsheet.




 CHE 306




CHE 325 - Chemical Engineering Computing Laboratory Manual.




Dr. D. K. Al-Harbi




Dr. Sulaiman Al-Khattaf

Office: 16-246

Tel: 1429




The development of student expertise in the applications of software in the solution of chemical engineering problems. The course is basically divided into three sections involving the use of mathematically oriented software MATLAB, spreadsheet solving techniques using Excel, and simulation of chemical engineering software HYSYS


Examination Schedule:          Mid Term Exam, Sunday 28th November 2004

                                                                                                              Final Examination, Sunday 2nd January 2004


Grading Policy:                      Mid Term Exam                                                                      35%

                                                Assignment                                                                              20%

                                                Class attendance & participation                                                5%

                                                Final Examination                                                                    40%

                                                Total                                                                                        100



Topics:                                                                            Week #


1.           Introduction to MATLAB                                             1st 

2.           Matrix Operations with MATLAB                                 2nd 

3.           Plotting with MATLAB                                                 3rd    

4.           Thermodynamic Applications                                        4th   

5.          Material and Energy Balances                                        5th              

6.          Introduction to Excel                                                    6th

7.          Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Applications

        Using Excel                                                                 7th     

8.          Solving Algebraic Equations Using Excel                       8th     

9.          Numerical Integration and ODE                                     9th

Mid-Term Exam                                                            10th

10.     Simulation of Chemical Process (1)                                11th

11.     Simulation of Chemical Process (2)                               12th

12.       Simulation of Chemical Process With Chemical

        Reaction                                                                      13th

13.     Simulation of Separation Processes                               14th  

        Final Exam                                                                   15th