Professional Activities


     Professional Experience


    Awards Received

  • Second place, Environmental Design Contest, United Arab Emirates, May 26-29, 2004.

  • First place, Engineering Design Contest, United Arab Emirates, March 22-26, 2002. 

  • Grand Prize, The National Excellence in Environmental Engineering, Washington DC, USA, April 16, 1998.

  • BF Goodrich Collegiate Inventors Program recognition of distinguished contribution.

  • First place of Top honors: Graduate Research Symposium, Engineering Session Presenters/NMSU, USA, 1997.

  • Riotech Environmental Excellence Scholarship, Las Cruces, USA, 1997.


    Professional review activities

     Potential reviewer to the following Journals:

    Separation and Purification Technology Journal               Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

    Water International Journal                                            Journal of Hazardous Materials

    Biosource Technology Journal                                        Enzyme & Microbial Technology Journal

    Mutah Journal                                                               Microporous & Mesoporous Materials

    Current Microbiology Journal                                         Process Biochemistry Journal



   Professional membership

  • American Institute of Chemical Engineering

  • American Chemical Society

  • International Adsorption Society

  • Jordan Engineering Association