Theses Supervision

M.S. Theses Completed 


  1. Adam Giri, “Miscibility of butene-LLDPE in HDPE: Rheological and Molecular Simulation Study, January 2003, Thesis Supervisor.

  2. Tayyab Hameed, “Rheological and MD Simulation study of the miscibility of metallocene LLDPE in LDPE”, January 2003, Thesis Supervisor.
  3. Esam A. Mahmoud, “Performance Modification of Saudi-Asphalt Binders using SABIC Polymers”, January 2003, Thesis Committee Member.
  4. Saidu M. Waziri, “Protein Partitioning in pH-Responsive Polymeric Amino Acid and Associating Polymers”, May 2002, Thesis Committee Member.
  5. Sarfraz H. Abbasi, “Preparation and Characterization of Polypropylene Composite with Palm Fiber”, May 2003, Thesis Committee Member.

M.S. Theses In Progress

6.     M. Iqbal, "Effect of Polymer Type and Structure on modification of Saudi Asphalt", Thesis  Supervisor.

7.     Ashraful Islam, "Influence of Branching on Thermal, Mechanical and Solution Properties of m-LLDPEs", Thesis Supervisor.

8.     G. Al-Muntashri, "Rheology of Gelling Polymers used in Reservoir Water Shutoff Treatment", Thesis Supervisor.

9.    Abdullah S Sultan, “Rheological and Thermal Characterization of PEEK Derivatives used for Fuel Cell Membranes”,Co-Supervisor.

10.   Chaudry, Rehan, “Investigation of Degradation of NBR and HNBR by Rheological, Light Scattering, and Molecular     Modeling Techniques”. Co-Supervisor

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