CHE 303

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II

First Semester 2004-2005 (Term 041)




  Instructor:        Dr. Dulaihan K. Al-Harbi

                              Office:  16-214

                              Tel.:  2375

e-mail   :   

home page:        http:/


Textbooks:          Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, by Smith Van Ness & Abbott, 5th edition (1996).


Topics:                                                                                                                   # Weeks


                              Thermodynamic Properties of Fluids (ch. 6)                               2

                              Thermodynamics of Flow Processes (ch. 7)                               1

                              Production of Power from Heat          (ch. 8)                              1

                              Solution Thermodynamics: Theory     (ch. 10)                            2

                              Solution Thermodynamics: Applications ( ch. 11)                      2

                              VLE at Low to Moderate Pressures (ch. 12)                               2

                              Thermodynamic Properties and VLE from EOS (ch. 13)           2

                              Chemical -Reaction Equilibrium  ( ch. 15)                                 2


Grading Policy:


                              First Exam                                                                                     25%

                              Second Exam                                                                                25%

                              Quizzes, Computer Program, Homework                                  15%     

                              Final Exam (semi-comprehensive)                                             35%

                              Total:                                                                                           100%


Major Exams:


                              1st Major Exam:       Tuesday, Oct 19,2004 (evening)

                              2nd Major Exam:       Sunday, Dec. 5, 2004 (evening)


University Regulations:


                             class attendance will be taken on a regular basis.  Any student in possession of an excuse for officially authorized absence must present this excuse to his instructor no later than one (1) week following his resumption of class attendance.

                       Six (6) unexcused absences result in a warning; nine (9) absences