Our research group concentrates on the application of fundamentals of reaction engineering and separation principles to environmental chemical engineering in process industries. The focus of previous research was on environmental remediation by physical/chemical separation techniques, catalytic and advanced oxidation of selected hard-to-degrade contaminants, bioremediation, desulfurization of fossil fuels, and wastewater and groundwater treatment. Current research includes

    1) Amine process simulation model

    2) Meeting the challenge of MTBE and other fuel oxygenate

    3) Ionic liquids as potential environmental friendly solvent in aromatics-aliphatic separation

    4) Amphiphilic polyelectrolytes as primary flocculants and coagulants in waters treatment.

The objective of the above diverse research programs is to develop technologies that are energy-efficient and environmentally beneficial. Our ultimate aspiration is to promote good stewardships and to provide assistance to any establishment needing help treating or reducing waste.