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Here are some of my other papers/articles on engineering education.

(1) A.A. Shaikh and N.S. AboGhandar, "Integration of Information Technology in Chemical Engineering Education: a Case Study", To appear, Abstract**

(2) H. Binous and A.A. Shaikh, "Introduction of the Arc-Length Continuation Technique in the Chemical Engineering Department at KFUPM", Comput.  Appl. Eng. Educ. (2014), DOI: 10.1002/cae.21604.

(3) A.A. Shaikh and M. Bello, "An Alternative Analysis of a Mass Transfer Laboratory Experiment", Int. Rev. Chem. Engg., 1(6), 520 (2009). Abstract***

(4) A.A. Shaikh, "Chemical Reactions and Chemical Reactors (Book Review)", Int. Rev. Chem. Engg., 1(3), 295 (2009). Abstract


(5) N.S. AboGhandar and A.A. Shaikh, "A Chemical Reaction Laboratory Experiment: Isothermal Laminar Flow Reactor",

J. Chem. Engg. Japan, 39, 678 (2006). Abstract


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