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Here is a brief description of some research projects. The details are primarily intended for graduate students. Projects (2) and (3) are M.S. projects.

Please drop by my office for further details.

(1) Bifurcation in Gas-Liquid Reactors : Gas-liquid reactors are possibly second in importance to (solid) catalytic reactors in industry. The purpose of this research problem is to analyze static and dynamic performance aspects of bubble-column reactors. This project has both numerical and experimental dimensions.

(2) Studies on Down-Flow Catalytic Reactors: The down-flow reactor is a promising alternative to the celebrated "Riser" reactor in the fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) process in modern refineries. It has been commercially tested in Saudi Arabia and Japan, after its advantages have been confirmed in pilot-plant and semi-commercial studies. The first commercial application of the down-flow reactor was recently announced in South Korea.

This project is an extension of that work. To get a flavor of this research, take a look at the fourth paper under representative publications

(3) A Comparative Study of Nonlinear BVPs Solution Methods: This is an applied and computational-math problem. Several commercial and academic codes are available at present; e.g., MathCad; MatLab; Mathematica, Comsol Multiphysics ; and PDEcol. We aim to evaluate the efficiency of these codes for solution of nonlinear, stiff, problems describing chemically reactive systems.



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