Construction Engineering and Management Department

 Course:      CEM 599, Research Seminar                                                     

Instructor:  Dr. Soliman Almohawis

                                                             Office:  19/326 

                                                                 Phone:  860 3212


                                                                                                            Office Hours:


Textbook:   Fellows and Liu, Research Methods for Construction Blackwell, 1997



 The objective of this seminar is to expose you to the principles of scientific research and to gain adequate knowledge to aid you in developing a research proposal executable into an acceptable thesis.


 For seminar description see the attached syllabus.


Performance Evaluation:

 Student’s performance in this seminar is evaluated on a Pass/Fail basis. To pass, you need to:


1   Actively participate in the seminar discussions.

2  Submit at the end of the semester (last seminar meeting) a research proposal that demonstrates a

    clear understanding of the basic principles of scientific research.

3.  In lieu of the proposal, students take a final exam and pass it with a grade of 50% or better.


As a final note, I sincerely sympathize with those of you who feel the above requirements are disproportionate to the number of credit hours allotted to this seminar. My only conciliation is that the extra effort you put in this seminar will produce a high “return on investment” when you complete your thesis or report.


CEM 599 (Dr. Almohawis)



Meeting #                   Topic                                                          Reading

 1.              Introduction to the Seminar                                                 -

 2.              Scientific Inquiry & Theories                                      Chapters 1, 3

 3.              The research Question (Thesis Topics)                        Chapter 2

 4.              Concepts, Constructs, and Variables                                    -

 5.              Hypothesis                                                                Chapter 5

 6, 7           Research Design                                                        Chapter 4

 8.              Validity: Internal and External                                              -

 9.              Measurements, Reliability, and Validity                                -

 10, 11        Date Collection Techniques                                        Chapter 6

 12.             Scaling                                                                     Handout

 13.             The Research Proposal                                              Handout

 14.             The Research Report                                                Chapters 8,9

 15              Exam