Construction Management Fundamentals

CIV ENGR     498                  Construction Project Management

CIV ENGR     595                  Planning /Design /Construction Integration

CIV ENGR     596                  Constructability Analysis

CIV ENGR     698                  Construction Management: Mechanica1 Systems

CIV ENGR     698                  Construction Management: Electrical Systems

CE                   F397                Construction Safety Management 

CE                   N397               Financial Management for Engineering /Construction Firm

CE                   395Q-2            Project Controls II

CE                   395R-3            Decision and Risk Analysis


Information Technology  in Construction Management

CIV ENGR     698                  Construction Management: Information Management

CE                   395P-2             Introduction to Construction Automation

CE                   395R-5            Artificial Intelligence for CEPM


Advanced Technologies

EE                   382V               Mobile Computing

CS                    344R                Robotics


Programming and Computing Basics

COMP SCI      302                  Introduction to Programming

COMP SCI      354                  Machine Organization and Programming

CQMP SCI      367                  Introduction to Data Structures

COMP SCI      536                  Introduction to Programming  Languages and Compilers

COMP SCI      577                  Introduction to Algorithms


Database Management Systems

COMP SCI      564                  Database Management Systems

COMP SCI      764                  Topics in Database Management Systems

COMP SCI      784                  Data Models and Languages


Operating Systems

COMP SCI      537                  Introduction to Operating Systems

COMP SCI      736                  Advanced Operating Systems

COMP SCI      739                  Distributed Systems: Peer to Peer


Computer Architecture

COMP SCI      352                  Digital System Fundamentals

COMP SCI      552                  Introduction to Computer Architecture

COMP SCI      752                  Advanced Computer Architecture I


Research Methods and Writing

STAT              424                  Statistical Experimental Design for Engineers

CE                   395V-1            Doctoral Research Seminar

PSY                 S305                Introduction to Cognitive Psychology

GRS                 S392W             Academic and Professional Writing