Dr. Mohammed Al Khalil

Department of Construction Engineering & Management

26-01-2008 03:14 PM


Construction Engineering & Management Department

Value Engineering

CEM 512 (031)

 Course Description:

 This course intends to introduce the methodology of value engineering. It will discuss the systematic approach of value engineering and the techniques used in each of its phases. The course will also cover the topics of life cycle costs, and the importance of human relations in conducting value engineering studies. Students are expected to demonstrate ability to apply the value engineering methodology by submitting a group project of an actual case study.  

 Text book:

 Dell’Isola, Alphonse, Value Engineering: Practical Applications for Design, Construction, Maintenance & Operations; RS Means Company, 1997.

 Reference Book:

 Parket, Donald, Value Engineering Theory; The Value Foundation,Revised Ed. 1985.

Course Content:


1.      Introduction / History of VE

  1. The Value Engineering Concept
    1. Definition / purpose
    1. Terms
    1. Causes of unnecessary cost
    1. When to apply VE
  1. The VE Job Plan
    1. Pre-study
    1. Information phase
    1. Function Analysis phase (see VM Standard)

                                                               i.      Function definition

                                                             ii.      Classifying functions

                                                            iii.      Types of function models

                                                           iv.      Allocating costs to function

                                                             v.      Pareto analysis

                                                           vi.      Cost models vs. function-cost model

                                                          vii.      Cost value relationship

                                                        viii.      Establish worth of functions

                                                           ix.      Hierarchy function models

                                                             x.      FAST

    1. Creative phase
    1. Evaluation phase
    1. Development phase
    1. Presentation phase
    1. Post-study
  1. VE in Construction
  1. Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  1. Human Relations in VE
  1. Project Presentations