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أنت مدعو لحضور محاضرات الهندسة المدنية


Tuesday, May 09th 2006

Building 4 Room 125


Presentation  # 01

10:00AM - 10:15 Am


Maen A Abu-Olba


Traffic Calming Techniques )


Physical changes to the roadway, however, are generally more self-enforcing than education and traditional enforcement efforts. Traffic calming techniques respond to issues like the blatant disregard for posted speed limits on residential streets; increased traffic due to drivers diverting off congested arterial streets through neighborhoods; safety concerns associated with both the speed and cut-through traffic issues; environmental impacts and noise associated with increased traffic speed and volume.


Presentation  # 02

10:15AM - 10:30 Am



Alamutu Lateef


Cone Penetrometer Technology(CPT)


For a structure to be properly design there must be reasonable and accurate information on the extent and physical properties of the underlying soil strata. There is need to study these strata in terms of strength, compressibility, permeability etc. of soils so as to ascertain that the ultimate capacity of the underlying soil is greater than the loading to be imposed by the foundations