Course:            CE 100

Assignment:    05

Subject:          Team work Assignment on Civil Engineering is Great- Part 2

Date Due:        02/01/2005, Sunday


Please Read the Instructions Carefully


1.       Form teams as discussed in class. Each Team Consists of 2 Persons.

2.     Each team should choose a subject to write about from the following topics:


4.     Required from each team:


  1. In this exercise, you should impress us why civil Engineering is a great field.

  2. Search the internet and as always document your references for old and new (Your subject )     and make a list.

  3. Choose three References ( Your subject ) and make your presentation

  4. Presentation will be on PowerPoint. Ready By January sst  Sent by e-mail to

  5. Ready by Sunday and to be presented in class a copy should be submeitted to Dr. Bader in class.

  6. References to web pages should be included. Include pictures, what ever you think valuable for us to know.

  7. If you have, any questions do not hesitate to See me, Call me or Write me.