Course:            CE 100

Assignment:    3

Subject:          Engineering Majors

Date Due:        April/02/03, Wednesday

Instruction:   “Please send your answers by e-mail”


1.       List the engineering majors and in a few sentences, give a brief overview of each.  When you discuss Civil Engineering, describe which of the specific areas of a CE most appeals to you.


2.     At the link page, there is a list of engineering and technical organizations.  Visit two on the web that relate to Civil Engineering and describe what you find.


3.     Out of curiosity, at what age would you like to retire, and what income would you like to have? 


1.       What would you consider the perfect civil or other engineering job for you?    Describe the job, location, duties, and desirable starting salary.


2.     Name an engineer that made a significant contribution to society.  Describe the contribution.