King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

Department of Civil Engineering





H.W Assignment # 3


Instructor: Dr. Salah Othman Al-Dulaijan




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Do a proportion for a trial mixture that will meet the following conditions and specifications.


Conditions and Specifications: Concrete is required for a pavement that will be exposed to chlorides from seawater. A specified compressive strength, f'c, of 40 MPa is required at 28 days. Slump should be between 25 mm and 75 mm. A nominal maximum size aggregate of 25 mm is required. No statistical data on previous mixes are available. The materials available are as follows:

Cement: Type I with relative density of 3.0.

Coarse aggregate: Well graded, 25-mm nominal maximum-size rounded gravel with ovendry relative density of 2.7, absorption of 0.5% and ovendry rodded bulk density of 1700Kg/m3. The laboratory sample for trial batching has a moisture content of 1.5%.

Fine aggregate: Natural sand with oven-dry relative density of 2.60 and absorption of 0.6%. The laboratory sample moisture content is 5%. The fineness modulus is 2.80.

Water reducer: reduces water demand by 10% when used at a dosage rate of 4 g per Kg of cement. Assume that density is that of water.



Due date: Saturday, May 6th 2006