King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals



CE 353-01

Geotechnical Engineering I

First Semester 2004-2005  (041)


SMW  1- 2 PM



Instructor:  Dr. Naser A. Al-Shayea                                                                 Office: 16-134

                                                                                                                        Phone:  2480

Text:   Geotechnical Engineering & Soil Testing

By  :    Al-Khafaji & Andersland, 1992.


Course Description:  Undergraduate Bulletin (2001-2003), p. 282


CE 353  Geotechnical Engineering I                                                             (3-3-4)


Soil formation and identification; index and classification properties of soils; clay minerals; soil compaction; capillarity, swelling, shrinkage and effective stresses; flow of water in soils; compressibility and consolidation; stress in soils; shear strength of cohesive and cohesionless soils; introduction to lateral earth pressure and shallow foundation.


Prerequisite:  CE 203

Co-requisite:  CE 230



Grade Distribution:


            20% Laboratory

            15% First Major Exam

            20% Second Major Exam       

            10% Homework

              5% Attendance

            30% Final Exam                      

            100% Total




1.      Homeworks should be submitted on time.

2.      9 Unexcused absences will result in DN-grade.

3.      ˝ points for each absence upto (-4).






Subject                                                                                    Chapter           Section


Introduction                                                                            1                      All

            Scope of the Course


            Soil Composition

            Clay Minerals                                                              

            Soil Formation and Identification                                  

            Nature and Behavior of Soil Materials


Index and Classification Properties of Soils             3                      All


            Water in Soils


            Grain Size and Grain Size Distribution

            Grain Shape

            Soil Aggregate

            Phase Relations

            Interaction between Water and Clay Minerals

            Consistency & Sensitivity of Clays

            Organic Soils

Soil Classification                                                                     

            The Unified Soil Classification System

            The AASHTO Soil Classification System

            Typical Soil Parameters

            Relative Density


Soil Compaction                                                                     4                      All

            Compaction Theory                                                                              (Except 4.32,

            Properties of Compacted Soils                                                  4.33, 4.34,

            Field Compaction & Ground Modification                                             4.35)

            In-Place Determination of Soil Density


Water Flow Through Soils                                                     5                      5.1-5.5,5.7,


            Darcy’s Law

            Permeability Tests

            Hydraulic Heads

            Seepage and Flow Nets

Seepage Forces & Critical Gradient







Subject                                                                                    Chapter           Section

Stresses in Soils                                                                     6                      6.0-6.2

            Effective Stress                                                                         6.4-6.12

            Mohr Circle

            Stress Due to a Point Load

            Stress Due to an Infinite Line Load

            Stress Due to an Infinite Strip Load

            Stress Due to a Linearly Increasing Infinite Strip Load

            Stress Distributions Due to an Asymmetrical Triangular Load

            Stress Due to a Vertical Embankment Load

            Stress Due to a Uniformly Loaded Circular Area

            Stress Due to a Uniformly Loaded Rectangular Area

            Stress Increment Approximation Using Newmark’s Chart


Volume Change in Soils                                                         7                      7.0-7.2, 7.4

            Soil Compressibility


            Rate of Consolidation



Shear Strength of Soils                                                          8                      All

            Stress-Strain Relationships & their Measurements

            Mohr-Coulomb Failure Criterion

            Shear Strength of Cohesionless Soils

            Shear Strength of Cohesive Soils


Lateral Earth Pressure                                                          9                      9.0-9.2

            Earth Pressure at Rest

            Active State of Stress

            Passive State of Stress


Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundation                              10                    10.0-10.2,


            Bearing Capacity Theory

            Factor of Safety