Undergraduate Supervision


·        Currently I am advising Civil Engineering students,    In the 1990’s continuously advised approximately 45 freshmen students and in 1980's I advised approximately 25-35 students Civil Engineering students.


M.S. Thesis Supervision


·        M.S. thesis of Mr. Ali Mohamed Kamel Shaalan, "Continuum Damage Model for Compressive Fatigue of High Strength Concrete", 1998 (Member).


·        M.S. thesis of Mr. Ahmad Al-Ostaz, "Evaluation of Repair Materials with Emphasis on Crack Injection Repair", 1990 (Advisor).


·        M.S. thesis of Mr. Omar S.B. Al-Amoudi, "Studies on the Evaluation of Permeability and Corrosion Resisting Characteristics of Pozzolan Concrete", 1985 (Member).


·        M.S. thesis of Mr. Saleh Muhammad Ahmad Al-Kurdi, "Durability Assessment Criterion for Concrete and Reinforcement Exposed to Simulated Environmental Conditions of Saudi Arabia", 1984 (Member).


·        M.S. thesis of Mr. Moyeenul Haque, "A Photoelastic Investigation of Stress Distribution in Deep Beams With and Without Web Opening", 1982 (Member).

      Ph. D. Thesis Supervision 

·        Ph. D. of Mr. Asadur Rahman Khan, 2001 (Member in Exam Commitee)

·        Ph.D. thesis of Mr. Mohammad Kalimur Rahman entitled, “Simulation and Assessment of Concrete Repair System”, 2000 (Member). 

Senior Project Supervision


·         Effect of Plasticizer on Strength and Permeability of Concrete, by A. Al-Hajj Al-Ustadh, April 1986 (Advisor).


·        Problems Involved in the Construction of Precast Concrete in Saudi Arabia and Their Engineering Solutions, by         Basem S. Abdul-Salam, December 1986 (Member).


·       High Rise Building in Eastern Province of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by Asiri Ali Mohammad, June 1988 (Advisor).


·       The Evaluation of Resin Systems for Concrete Repair, by Ayman Hajjaj, June 1988 (Advisor).


·      The Effect of Superplasticizer and Polypropelene Fiber on Drying Shrinkage of Portland Cement Concrete, by Khalid Abu-Sultan, June 1989 (Member).


·     Design of Reinforced Retaining Walls (Types, Theory, Design and Reinforcement, by Ahmad M. Zaitoun, August 1989 (Member).


·        Dammam Oil Well # 7 Monument, by A. Al-Barakani, April 1990 (Member).


·        Durability of Concrete Buried in a Coastal Region of Eastern Saudi Arabia", by H. Kattan, May 1992 (Advisor).


·        Summer Training for Husain Al-Wedeii , December 2001.


Co-op Projects Supervision


·        Protection, Restraint and Hydrotesting of Petroleum Pipelines, by M. Al-Jaber, November 1983 (Member).


·        Installation of Sewage and Water Supply Systems, by Ali Al-Mugren, December 1983 (Member).


·        Procedure Implemented in Housing Construction, by Abdulaziz Al-Buainain, January 1984 (Advisor).


·       Ready-Mixed Concrete for UPM Projects - Design and Inspection, by Mohammed A. Mosallam, May 1984 (Member).


·       On the Construction of the Heavy Equipment Laboratory Building at UPM, by Abdulaziz G. Ahmed, December 1984 (Advisor).


·    Design Calculation for Covering of Students Lower Swimming Pool Project, by Abdul-Baset M. Ali Al-Shaibani, February 1985 (Member).


·      Construction of Covering of Student’s Lower Pool and Wooden Truss Design, by Naser M. Al-Mukhadri, February 1985 (Member).


·        Design of Three Story Building, by Raied Al-Muhareb, April 1985 (Member).


·        Design of Reinforced Concrete Frame, by A. Al-Shahwan, September 1985 (Advisor).


·        Design of Typical Telex, Telegram and Telephone Building, by Abdallah Al-Hannoush, April 1986 (Member).