A Laboratory Study of asphalt mix improvement techniques and test methods to asses Rutting potential


H.I. AI-Abdul Wahhab


ROAD & TRANSPORT RESEARCH Vol.3 No.4 December 1994



Recent constructed highway pavements, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are experiencing premature high levels of wheel track rutting. Many factors were thought to contribute to rutting, including high ambient pavement temperatures, a high number of loaded trucks, high tire pressures, and unfavorable mix properties. This paper outlines laboratory work conducted to select aggregate gradation and treatment methods to improve local mixes resistance to rutting. Two mixes were optimized for wearing course and base course applications. Moreover, laboratory tests were evaluated for their ability to predict rutting. Results indicated that mixes with different gradations can be best ranked using the Hveem method. However, if mixes have relatively similar gradations then a resilient modulus has a better ability to rank mixes based on their rutting susceptibility.