Optimization of Steel Slag Aggregates for Wearing Course Mixes


U. Bagampadde, H. I. Al Abdul Wahhab

And S. A. Aiban





Construction of road pavements in Eastern Saudi Arabia has received special consideration due to scarcity of good quality materials. Crushed limestone and sandstone, which lack the important desirable qualities for proper mix performance, are extensively used as road construction aggregates. Fatigue cracking, rutting and raveling are common distresses on many highways, constructed using these aggregates. At the same time, large amounts of steel slag aggregates (SSA) with good qualities are being produced and put to waste at Hadeed Company in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

This investigation was made to evaluate bituminous mixes made using steel slag aggregates. Mixes were reconstituted based on Ministry of Communications (MOC) and the Strategic Highway Research Programme (SHRP) specifications. Mix combinations were made by proportioning steel slag and limestone aggregates. Laboratory evaluation was done using resilient modulus, stability, split tensile strength, fatigue and permanent deformation tests. The results show that mixes prepared using coarse steel slag blended with fine crushed sand have excellent performance.


KEYWORDS: Steel Slag, Limestone, Wearing Course, Asphalt, Aggregates.